Summer Reading 2017

I’m so excited to be able to read freely again over the summer and wanted to share with you the books I plan to read. 

This is a lot and I’ll be surprised if I get through them all!

I’ll do a mini review of each when I’ve read about three to keep the number of blog posts down. 

Comment below a book you want to read this summer☀️



favourite TV shows at the minute?

definitely Broadchurch, I’m so sad it’s the last episode on Monday, Line of Duty and Casualty. 

would you ever get a tattoo?

100%. I really want to get it as soon as I turn 18; I’ve already decided on one and I’m in love with it. 

Psychology revision techniques?

I’m going to do a post on this soon. Personally I write it all on cue cards, do essay plans, have a notebook for each topic and make like a mini textbook and just practice the question style and applying knowledge.

which of your subjects had the biggest jump from GCSE to ALevel?

definitely English Literature, there’s just so much more to the analysis and context.

what is your snapchat?


Favourite brand for lipstick?


how do you balance having a job and school work?

I try and do all my school work in the week so I’m not panicking over the weekend and I don’t do a lot of overtime if I know I need to do lots of school work. 

do you have any AS exams this year?


are you learning to drive?

yes, I passed my theory this week and hopefully doing my practical in the next few months. 

Favourite brand for nail varnish?

Avon or Miss Sporty. 

Revising Biology (GCSE & ALEVEL)

This is the first post of a mini-series sort of thing where I am going to give my revision tips for the three subjects I take. If there is any subjects (e.g. Maths) which I took at GCSE that you’d like to see a post on then just let me know in the comments.
Biology is the subject I find the hardest at ALevel but I probably found it the easiest at GCSE (how times change) so this is the way which I revised for my GCSEs just with a few bits added in for ALevels. Personally for me this work but please remember that everyone have different learning styles so don’t worry if this doesn’t work for you.
Something that has really helped me in the last term is just after every lesson when I get home going over anything I was unsure about in the lesson. This can be anything that I found difficult, notes I didn’t quite finish or, we quite often do quizzes or past paper questions so if I struggled on them I go over the content. I usually just spend around fifteen to twenty minutes going over things and making notes or revision aids on them. For me this helps because I’m not leaving it to the test and just sorting out the things I am finding difficult straight away.
The rule of five is something which has definitely made Biology seem a lot more manageable for me. I put the sub topic (e.g. proteins) in the middle and then do five key facts coming off of it. If I can just remember the five facts about each subtopic then I (hopefully) will always have something to write about in the exam. I also find this useful if I just want to quickly recap on a topic.

Throughout my GCSE in Biology I went through so many and it really helps me. It makes you condense your notes down so you only have the important parts and they’re so easy to take around you to revise at school or on the bus. You can add colour to these, make them look attractive and just try to learn as much of the notes as possible.

For revision I really like to use the CGP books, for ALevel I’d say this doesn’t have quite enough detail but it gives the majority of what you need in really simple form which is so much easier to understand and write notes on. Also, the CGP guide is really visual so it doesn’t make it seem as boring.

Maths was never by strong point at GCSE so the Maths within Biology can sometimes prove quite difficult. There is a few equations and just basic Maths knowledge that you need. I decided to put all of the Maths that I need into one A5 notepad then I just add to it every time I learn something new. This really helps me as I can just read though it once a week and just before a test to make sure that I can get all of the marks on the Maths questions.

Past Papers is the best way to learn and practice the exam technique. It helps you understand what the examiner wants and the way in which the questions are worded in your actual exam. My school put them all into books for us to buy but you can just print them off from AQA (or whichever exam board you are doing) or just get them on the screen and write the answers on paper. The mark schemes are also available so you can check your progress.

Thank you for reading, the next two posts will be up as soon as I can. Please leave any subjects (that aren’t Psychology or English Literature) you would like to a post on in the comments.

All About My ALevels 

I know that for Year 11s the time is coming up to choose your ALevel subjects and begin revising for your GCSEs. I thought I’d write a post about my Alevels, how and why I chose them and all of that. 
When I chose my Alevels I didn’t know what I wanted to do with my life but by choosing these 3 I feel that I’ve left a lot of doors open. 
I do three Alevels then an AS in Core Maths. 

English Literature:

This was definitely the easiest choice for me, I have always loved English and continue to do so. It was my highest GCSE grade which gave me a lot of confidence going into it. 
I do the Edexcel exam board and we will do 4 exams all at the end of year13. There’s a poetry paper, prose, play and then Shakespeare. We’ve studied Beloved, The Picture of Dorian Gray, A Streetcar Named Desire and Othello. Then my poet that I’ll study is Rossetti. Obviously your school might be different. 
I really enjoy this course. It is very discussion based but independent at the same time. The skills I am developing will be valuable to me in the future. 
Workload wise, it’s usually 1 or 2 essays a week (2 being when both teachers give me one). Other homework tasks include analysis, reading and researching. 
Further reading is so, so important for this course. You need to have read famous texts and have a good understanding of literature. My teacher says to aim to read a book in two weeks and we are constantly encouraged to look up articles and books on the themes/context we are studying. 
This is my favourite subject and I’d honestly recommend it to anyone who enjoys literature at GCSE level. 


I didn’t think I’d love this as much as I do. I did Sociology GCSE but wanted something more scientific and in depth for my ALevel. Loads of people talk about Psychology and when researching the topic it sounded really interesting. 
I do the AQA course and it involved 3 papers with topics ranging from research methods to eating behaviours to memory. I find it genuinely interesting and really enjoy it. 
There is a lot to learn and remember for this course, I know more Psychologists than anything else. It’s a heavy course but is still enjoyable and interesting. 
The workload isn’t too much, it’s usually mostly revision to make sure everything you learn is sound in your head. Most homeworks are essay plans, research and evaluation of research/studies. 
I find extra reading quite hard for this and honestly haven’t done any. I’d say watching videos on experiments, reading about psychologists would be the best way around it. 
I really enjoy Psychology. 


Well. I hated this till January, every lesson I hated and I very almost dropped it. But, now I’m into the course, found my revision style etc I’m finding it a lot better. 
I do the AQA course and it is quite interesting. For this I’d say you need to have a real interest in Science and Biology. It can be overwhelming at times and there’s a lot to take in. I’d honestly say only do Biology if it genuinely will aid your future or it really interests you. I picked it purely because I found it good at GCSE and wanted to keep a science and I don’t think they were the right reasons. 
Homework wise, I usually get exam questions every week or just a worksheet. Then from my other teacher we get exam questions most weeks. 
You can’t get away with not extra reading for Biology, it’s so important to do and will definitely help you succeed more. 

I find this the hardest out of all my subjects but I’m beginning to enjoy it a lot more. 

Core Maths:
I wouldn’t pick to do this, I only do it because I have to. I just really don’t enjoy and if you’re considering it look at past papers online and check it’s the maths that you enjoy. It’s real world maths and I just don’t enjoy it. I think it will benefit me in the future and think it is a good course for the right kind of person. 

That’s basically it for this post. If you have any questions about any of this (or any subjects because my friends do different ones) or grades or anything then leave a comment or you can DM me on Twitter (@rxsepetals_) or Instagram (@ifyouseejaz)

Current Go To Makeup

I’ve been wearing this makeup all the time recently; if you want to see the finished look in full then go and check out my post recent Instagram post (@ifyouseejaz)
First I prime my face using this spray, I like this just because it’s so quick and easy. 

I then apply my foundation. I use the Super Stay 24 mixed with lightening drops. I love this so much, it’s so easy to blend. 

I then conceal any redness, blemishes. I feel like Lasting Perfection will always be my favourite. 

To bake I use the loose powder and then the pressed version for the rest of my face. I love this powder and would 100% recommend.

I use these all the time so I won’t go on. They’re amazing, everyone makeup lover needs them. 

To prime my eyes I always use the Avon eye primer, I’ve never used any others so I have nothing to compare it to but I love this one. 

I’ve been loving my NYX warm neutrals palette. I tried to number the shadows but it kind of failed. 

1 – I pack this colour into my inner corner and slightly in my crease. 

2 – I mix these two and blend them all over my lid. 

3 – I use this in the centre of my eyelid. 

4 – I then blend this into the outer corner and sligtly under my eye. 

5 – I then use this in my inner corner. 

This eyeliner is from Collection but all the name has rubbed off. It’s such a nice balck and applies well to the waterline. 

I love mascara a lot. I use a clear one, a brown one and then two black ones. Clear is Collection, brown is Avon, blacks are Maybelline and Avon.

I then have been loving this browny lip liner from Primark paired with the Rimmel Kate Moss nude in 42. 
As I said check out my Instagram for the finished look (@ifyouseejaz) and comment your favourite concealers  

January Favourites 2017

This cleanser is so, so good! It is so quick and easy (perfect for my because I’m always so tired). It smells really good and makes my skin feel so nice. 

This is the Spectrum A01 and I am in love. It is so, so soft and applies my powder so well. 

This NYX lipstick in London was pretty much the only lip colour I wore in January. It feels so nice on the lips and goes with any eye makeup. 

I put off buying this for so, so long but I finally did it. The colour of this is perfect, it blends so easily and I’ve just been loving it. 

These highlighters are from Makeup Obsession and are in the shades bare and moon. The pigmentation of these is insane and they last all day. For £3 they’re incredible. 

This is Kiko smart shadow in number 2 (or 4 whoops). I use it as an inner corner highlight everyday and I am in love. It looks stunning on the eyes and lasts all day. 

(also been loving these but blog posts coming soon on all of them!)

Social Media Made Me Buy It!

I’ve purchased so many things due to seeing them in videos, photos etc so I thought I’d share them with you and tell you if I think they’re worth the hype. 

Sleek Matte Me “birthday suit”
Worth The Hype? yes/no
Why? I love this colour so much and the application is so easy. However, it is slightly drying and can begin to look patchy throughout the day. 

MAC “velvet teddy”
Worth The Hype? yes
Why? The colour of this is so, so nice and it applies so well. It stays on pretty much all day and I don’t find it drying at all. 

NYX Soft Matte Lip Creams

Worth The Hype? yes
Why? These are beyond amazing; the formula, colour just everything. They’re so creamy you don’t even know it’s matte and they stay on for so long. 

Benefit “highbeam”

Worth The Hype? no
Why? I do really like the colour of this but it’s just so hard to blend out and I just really don’t like the way if feels. 

Baby Lips
Worth The Hype? yes
Why? I love these so much. The formulation is good and I love how they feel on the lips. I love all the coloured ones as something sheer to wear. 

Maybelline “lash sensational”
Worth The Hype? yes/no
Why? When I first started using this I thought it was the best mascara ever; I love the wand and the formula. It does make your lashes look really good. But now, I don’t find myself using it as much as there are better ones out there and I always pair this with another mascara now. 

Collection “lasting perfection”
Worth The Hype? yes
Why? I love this, it covers everything I want it to and blends so nicely and it’s so affordable. 

Sleek Highlighting Palette 
Worth The Hype? yes
Why? This is beautiful. The highlights are so pigmented and it just looks so nice on the skin. They last basically all day. 

Benefit “hoola”
Worth The Hype? yes
Why? I got this the other week and I’m already in love. The colour is perfect and it blends so easily. Such a natural look.  

Real Techniques Sponge
Worth The Hype? yes
Why? This makes my foundation look so much better and more natural. It blends products really easily. 

Morphe “35k”
Worth The Hype? yes
Why? All the shades are wearable, they blend so well and are so pigmented. I love this palette so much. 

Morning Routine 2017

I have been planning this post for ages but the morning is always such a rush to be honest but, I finally did it so here you go!

First of all I go and fill my water bottle up and take my vitamins just because I’d forget otherwise. 

I then get some breakfast (literally never but oh well) and I actually really like these it’s like a toasted fruit bread thing. Honestly, I’m really not a breakfast fan but I do want to start trying to eat it atleast twice a week. 

Then I go back upstairs and pick out the skincare bits I’m going to use (updated skincare coming soon) and then use them. I don’t do a lot of skincare in the morning because I never really have time.
Then I get dressed. I was literally only going to my driving lesson and my Dad’s on this day so I just chucked an oversized jumper and jeans on. 

Usually finished my food by now so I go and brush my teeth. 

Then I do my hair and my makeup for the day. Comment if you do hair or makeup first because it caused quite the debate in our friendship group. 

I then pick a perfume to wear and just put on my watch and two rings. 

Before I leave my room I like to spray it so it smells nice later on in the day. 

I then go downstairs and make a cup of tea in a mug or travelflask dependent on if I have school and just get on with my day. 
I hope you enjoyed! Don’t forget to comment whether you do your hair or makeup first! Also follow me on Instagram (@ifyouseejaz) because I’m starting to use it more!

January “Sales” Shopping 2017

I use the word “sales” lightly because we all know that most of this wasn’t in the sale. I’ll start with the sale things first the move onto the other bits.

Shoutout to Beth for grabbing these for me when she saw them on offer. I love the Tresemme shampoos for dry hair so can not wait to try this one. 

(Apart from Skyfall) this is my favourite James Bond film so when I saw the DVD in the HMV sale I had to grab it. 

My Mum got this in the sale and was saying how good it was. I smelt it when I went into the shop and had to get it. It was only £2 and I had always wanted to try one of their lipbalms. 
Kiko’s sales are my favourite. I got this smart shadow in 02 for an inner corner highlight. I am pretty sure it was on half price and it is so pigmented I can not wait to try it. 
49p. 49p. I love the ‘I love…’ Products so much, they are such good quality so I couldn’t not pick this up. 

I just decided to try this out because for 50p if I hate it I am not overly bothered. My Clinique moisturiser is pretty much finished and I don’t want to pay £34 so I am trying to find some altetnatives. 


This was 50p in the Boots clearance and is such a me colour. It’s in the shade 04 and I love it. 

Now onto non sale stuff which was hurt my bank a lot more😅

I’m getting quadruple points in Superdrug for my birthday at the minute to I decided to go in.  (The garnier was half price in my defence). I needed a new sponge because I have had mine for around 4 months now and it’s getting quite ew. Needed hairbands because I literally couldn’t find any in my whole room. I have wanted the gold highlighter from MUA for months and months and although I really didn’t need it I just decided to get it. The Nivea box is a night gel cream which I thought I would try – it was on half price and looked really good. 
Pretty basic really. Needed some new coloured pens. 
Modesty by MAC is such a beautiful colour and I have wanted to get a new one for the longest time so I just did it. It is such an easy colour to wear and I know I love it. 
I have always wanted to try this bathbomb but have never got it so I just thought I’d get it to try and it smells so good.   

I am still so unsure about this top. It’s from H&M and is just a ribbed grey top. I am in love with the sleeve length which is the main reason I got it and I will hopefully love it. 
The picture is not doing this justice, I am in love with it. It is from Topshop and is just a green top with a freyed hem, sleeves and neckline. The material is so thick and I am just so excited to wear this. 

This picture is so bad, I am sorry. I finally got a pair of black ripped jeans. I have wanted these for ages and I got the New Look ones which have a few rips in each leg. I can not wait to start wearing these. 

I hope you enjoyed this post, comment the place you think had the best January sale this year – personally I’d say Superdrug.  

2016 Beauty Favourites 

Bit of admin first (sorry) I have updated my pages with my contact and blog information so feel free to check that out if you are wishing to contact/interact with me. 

These are a few of my beauty favourites from throughout 2016 -comment your top 3 as I’d love to try them!

This is the pink MUA highlighter (not sure on the exact shade) I really didn’t like this at first but once you’ve got over the top layer it’s so good. It’s not too intense but adds a lovely glow and for £3 it’s a bargain. 

Will never, ever use another powder again. This is incredibly and so affordable. It adds a light bit of coverage and just keeps your makeup so matte. I just love this powder and I think it looks so good on your skin. 

This foundation gives just the right amount of coverage and sits so nicely on the skin. I really like the look of this and it’s just a lovely foundation. 

I got this purely because everyone was hyping about it and then I too fell in love with it. I prefer the waterprof version personally and it doesn’t budge. It makes your lashes lift and just look so nice. 
MAC Velvet Teddy was the only lipstick I wore for about 3 months straight. It’s such a lovely colour and doesn’t dry out your lips at all. I love this so much andwill definitely repurchase when it runs out. 

This Kate Moss nude in 42 is the perfect nude. It sits so nicely on the skin and is just a lovely everyday colour. 
As you cane see I really love the eyes uncovered palette from Collection. I use all the colours and they’re all beautiful. They blend so, so nicely and stay on all day. 

I hope you enjoyed this post, don’t forget to comment your top 3 favourites of 2016!