Why do you love Carla Connor?

Why do you love Carla Connor? This is a question I am frequently asked and never seem to have the time or words to give a sufficient answer. 

  1. Carla is portrayed beautifully by Alison King – her acting talent makes every word believable, every storyline real (even when the writing hasn’t been at its best) and every relationship raw. I think Alison’s deep understanding of the way the character works and thinks has been vital to the impact Carla had on the cobbles. I’ve laughed, cried (frequently), been shocked and so much more by Alison’s beautiful talent – she deserves every success in the world. 
  2. Carla went through everything you could imagine and when she fell she always got back up. This part of Carla is so important to me, she taught me that whatever happens you’re strong enough to bounce back. Carla is a character with remarkable strength and determination which can influence and inspire us all. 
  3. Carla Connor is allegorical; there is so many meanings to the character and so many levels of depth. Countless people tell me she’s “rude” or “bitchy” and on the surface I guess that is true. But when you look closley there are so many depths and emotions to the character. Carla and Roy’s friendship brings out her softer side, a side which I would have loved to have seen more. Through her business we see Carla’s professional side and through her lovers we see her, sometimes vulnerable, loving side. The range of story lines involving Carla over the years has shown us the amount of depth. We see Carla put on an Ice Queen front but it is all “smoke and mirrors” there is so much depth to the character, there is so much that can be explored. I love the fierce and sassy side of Carla, her one liners being some of my favourites including “less bitching, more stiching.” I love the funny side to Carla, her asking if there was a bar at the hospital will always be iconic. But I also love the vulnerable side to Carla, the rape storyline particularly showing this side, her raw feelings and emotion honestly moved me. Carla admitting to Peter that she was “fragile” was so important, it was a time where Carla was raw and ever so real. 
  4. There is something about Carla which makes me love her unconditionally and wants her to be safe and happy. Carla Connor is flawed but still so beautiful; her flaws make her. She’s perfectly imperfect and I feel that Alison King really embraced that about the character; we saw times when Carla was incredible (her work at the factory, her endless support to Peter) yet we saw time when Carla’s decisions maybe were not the best (when she lashed out at Roy and Cathy). Despite the bad decisions I still love her, with every bad decision she made I feel that she learnt about herself. Carla could make the worst decision possible, commit the worst crime yet I would still love her unconditionally.
  5. I had always admired Carla Connor and had been intruiged by her but the rape storyline was the time in which I fell in love with Carla Connor. It was such a delicate and emotional storyline which was beautifully portrayed by Alison King. The significance and rawness of the storyline moved me and it still does even now. Through this storyline we saw Carla’s most fragile side, her most vulnerable side but she was never weak. She needed support and guidance but she fought the battle and constantly remained true the herself. The storyline made me admire Carla Connor, it made me want the best for her and it made me realise the true extent to Alison’s talent. This was an outstanding storyline, beautifully executed by everyone involved. 

Favourite Carla line?

This would probably be “I’m not strong, it’s just smoke and mirrors.” This line stands out to me because it highlighted the depths to Carla and the emotions she holds within and I also think this line helps reinforce that everyone is going through something you are unaware of.

Another favourite is “being scared is not a crime” I feel at times this has been so important to me and relevant to Carla as a character, she should listen to her own advice more often. 

My other favourite is “it’s not weakness to ask for help” another piece of her own advice Carla should take more often. This line is so important for everyone and I think it is one of the main things I have learnt from Carla. 

What has been your favourite relationship of Carla’s?

Carla and Liam had a beautiful relationship which had the potentonal to be incredible, I feel that it was inevitably going to end badly. This relationship was full of emotion.

I am so tied between Peter and Nick. I loved Carla and Peter’s affair, they were the first couple I became attached to and even though the relationship was so flawed there was something about it that I loved. 

Carla and Nick honestly changed my life. Their relationship was real, raw and full of emotion. It brought out the best in both characters and it was beautiful how two complete opposites could become something incredible. They made me smile and cry more times than I could count and entranced me into their word. I was desperate for them to be happy, they deserved to be happy. It was a relationship full of potentional and it has been my favourite of Carla’s. It has not only been my favourite due to the outstanding performances by Alison King and Ben Price but due to the amazing people on Twitter I have met, the fanfictions, the videos, the live tweeting, the funny tweets and so much more. I could not be more grateful to Coronation Street for pairing Carla and Nick.

What is your favourite year of Carla Connor?

2010 purley because of the Carla and Nick scenes and it really showed off Carla’s lighter side.

2011/early 2012 was incredible and really showed off Alison’s acting ability. 

2015 was incredible, the fire scenes and the aftermath were executed so, so well.

What is your favourite thing Alison has been in apart from Coronation Street?

Her ‘Mile High’ scenes are such an easy watch and I love them. ‘Dream Team’ is an incredible show and Lynda Block is an amazing character and I love watching the scenes, the storylines were fantastic. I would love to see Alison in something like this again. 

Overall Carla Connor changed my life and I could not be anymore grateful to Alison King for portraying her so beautifully.


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