Get To Know Me

Firstly, thank you for all your lovely comments on Twitter about my previous post, I’m so glad you enjoyed it. Secondly, I never know how to describe myself but I thought I would have a go.

I was born on Christmas Day making me a Capricorn; I believe in the star signs so much and it often scares me how accurate mine are.

I am still at school and in the middle of my GCSEs at this current moment; I take eleven subjects my options being: Sociology, ICT, Drama and Music. 

I love going to the cinema to watch films and I do it on a regular basis. Some of my favourites are: The Divergent Series, The Hunger Games Series, Harry Potter, Avengers, anything Disney, Theory of Everything, James Bond and so many more. I love the atmosphere of the cinema, the big screen and of course the popcorn!

Writing is also something I have a passion for, I regularly write fanfictions regarding Carla Connor (see my previous post) and you can find the link on my Twitter or by searching carla-connor-corrie on Writing is a passion of mine and I love the way you can escape into the words and the stories for a short while. I also enjoy reading fanfics and would be happy to do a seperate blog post on my favourites.

Reading is something else I enjoy, unfortunately I struggle to find time to read at the moment due to my exams but I am looking forward to reading more in the summer. My favourite books include: Now Is Good, Harry Potter, all 3 Hunger Games, all 3 of the Divergent triology, My Sister Lives On The Mantlepiece and so many more. 

TV shows are probably my biggest passion, I love being involved in storylines and the characters. Crime dramas are probably my favourite, Scott&Bailey is my favourite and I was gutted when it ended this year. I also love Marcella, Black Work, Broadchurch and DCI Banks. In terms of soaps I watch Coronation Street and Eastenders on a regular basis and I find myself attached to some of the characters. I also watch Casualty every week and I always look forward to it on a Saturday evening. Dr Foster was probably one of the best shows I have ever watched and I am delighted it will be returing for a second series, Suranne Jones is beyond incredible and I can not wait for the second series. The A Word and In The Club have also been shows I have watched recently and really enjoyed; I was thrilled to learn The A Word has been comissioned for a second series. 

Make-up and beauty is something else that I love, I watch many youtubers and love experimenting with new products. I have so much make-up (some would say too much) and am a regular customer in Lush.  

In terms of music I listen to Adele on a daily basis, her voice is incredible. I also like Jessie J, Paloma Faith, Sam Bailey and some more. Musical theatre is a passion of mine, I was part of a company for six years. My favourite musicals are Chicago, Oliver, Wicked and Sweeney Todd.

I think that is everything about me, I would be happy to do seperate blog posts on anything mentioned in this post so please leave comments telling me what you would like to read!

You can follow my socia medias:

Twitter @keepwalking_t

Instagram ifyouseejaz

Snapchat jazyeahk

My next post will be my opinion on Carla Connor’s exit so keep a look out for that!


One thought on “Get To Know Me

  1. ahhh I love this again and already knowing most of this didn’t take away the joy of reading it at all! you’ve got such a readable writing style (if that makes sense? it’s nice to read ok don’t judge me) and I’d love to read more


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