May Favourites 

I wanted to start a monthly favourites to keep something constant on this blog; usually this will be posted on the 1st of every month and will be a round up of everything I have been loving. 


This month I’ve seen ‘Bad Neighbours 2’ and ‘X-Men Apocalypse’ at the cinema and I also watched ‘The Bad Education Movie.’ 

Both “Bad Neighbours 2′ and ‘The Bad Education Movie” were lighthearted, easy to watch and funny (Jack Whitehall was particularly funny). Neither storylines where complex but due to the lighthearted nature and well written comedy I thoroughly enjoyed both of these films. 

My Dad dragged me to watch the new ‘X-Men’ and I was not sure at first – it is not a film I would pick to see. However, this has to be one of the best films I have seen this year; it was full of action, there was humorous parts and I was gripped till the very end. Jennifer Lawrence is one of my favourite actresses and she was incredible in this film, both Rose Byrne and Michael Fassbender also stood out against the others. I would honestly recommend this film even if you have not seen any of the others (like me) as it was amazing from beginning to end. 


In May Marcella concluded and I was so gripped to this show, it was hard to understand in places but I found myself gripped and desperate to learn the truth. It is the first show I have watched with Anna Friel and she was phenomenal in every episode. 

I watch Britain’s Got Talent every year and loved it this year as much as usual. I love the judging panel, they all bring something to the show and the bond between them is great to watch. There were so many great acts this year and it was so hard to call, I loved numerous acts with 100 Voices of Gospel, Richard Jones, Beau Dermott and Shannon and Peter being my favourites. I was so glad a magician finally won and I wish Richard every success in the future.

The second series of “In The Club” started recently and I have not watched the first series but watched a summary that was put online. I am really enjoying the series and find all the characters realistic and the storylines important yet great to watch. 


I was lucky enough to see Chicago the musical in May and really enjoyed it. I have been loving the soundtrack for the musical recently and find myself constantly listening to it. 

I have also been listening to Coldplay a lot this month and I really enjoyed listening to Zyrah Rose on Britain’s Got Talent and really hope they do more in the future. 


There has not been many new beauty things I have loved this month, exam revision has occupied time where I would usually shop. 

Revlon – Uniq One
This product has honestly saved my hair, I have been using it for just over a week and have really seen a difference. I use 8 pumps on each side of my hair when it is wet and it makes it so soft, easier to brush and my hair looks so much nicer. It is also a heat protectant meaning I no longer need to use a separate product to protect my hair before blow drying. I got this from my hairdressers so I am unsure if it is avaiable in stores but I would definitely buy it if you can find it.  

MakeUp Revolution highlighter in Pink Lights
I have had this highlighter for a few months
but never got chance to use it during the winter. Recently I have been using it under my normal highlighter and it gives an extra glow and healthy shine that is perfect for this time of year. I have only got the small side (from my friend’s advent calender) but I will definitely buy the full size in the future. 

MAC eyeshadow in Tempting

This eyeshadow has quickly become one of my favourites, I have had it for a while but never really used it. During May I wore it most days and it looks so nice in the outer parts of the eye and lasts all day. The pigmentation of this is incredible and it is so easy to blend. 

That is all my favourites for May. When I go back to school I will be posting less due to exams and revision. Thank you for reading!


3 thoughts on “May Favourites 

  1. ahhh I love this again! would you recommend “in the club”? I haven’t seen the first movie but maybe I should watch? anyway this is fab and I’m running out of comments for your blog posts because you update so regularly (but that’s a good thing!!)

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