Reading (books and fanfiction)

As I mentioned in a previous post reading is something I have always enjoyed. The ability to escape to a different world in a book is magical and I feel that there are so many benefits to reading. I have my favourites that I wanted to share with you all and also talk about some of the fanfictions that I enjoy. 


Harry Potter

I have read the whole Harry Potter series numerous time and enjoyed every time thoroughly. J.K.Rowling creates such a magical and entrancing world that is so easy to picture; the words on the page really do come to life. The characters that have been created through this series are so real and you can connect with them, sympathise with them and often find yourself annoyed with their decisions. I find myself so easily lost within these books and, in my opinion, they are much better than the books. You can use your imagination, create the world in your head. These books are incredible and I always find myself reaching back to re-read them; if you haven’t read this series I would definitely recommend taking some time out of your summer to do so – they are phenomenal. 

The Hunger Games Trilogy

Suzanne Collins writes all three of these books in a way that keeps you gripped to the very last word. During the first book you form an attachment to the people involved, I find Katniss Everdeen to be such an entrancing character who you find yourself rooting for. 

All three books follow a society in which people are split into ‘districts’ and they have an annual “Hunger Games” where there can only be one survivor. I think I immediately wanted Katniss to do well because of her protection towards her family (especially her sister) and throughout the series I found myself rooting for her.

All the characters are so well crafted and so believable; you find yourself intruiged, loving some of them and hating others. The story development and character development throughout all three books is gripping and I love all three equally. 

The Divergent Trilogy

Veronica Roth writes this trilogy and I really enjoyed her style of writing and would love to read more from her. She also wrote Four: A Divergent Collection which I also loved, you get to understand Four more as a character and it made me understand his actions a lot more. 

The series follows Tris (a character I quickly became attached to) as she discovers she fits into more than one faction within her society. I loved the intruiging concept of people being split depending on their personalities and the issues that became because of this system.  I read the series in about a week; I became so intruiged due to the many plot twists and I was desperate to know what happened next. 

Now Is Good (Before I Die)

This book was emotional to read at times due to the subject matter but the writing is so beautiful and the characters so real I loved every page. Although I could not connect to Tessa on a personal level I was entranced by her attitude and her desire to really live. I loved the concept and theme of appreciating everything and making the most of life. 

My Sister Lives on the Mantlepiece

I bought this book as something quick to read during a car journey – I was not expecting to love it as much as I did. This book is beautiful. 

The novel covers so many important topics and captures the impact of loss perfectly. The use of a young narrator makes the hardest concepts to explain simple yet beautiful. This books took me a few hours to read and if you have two hours spare I would definitely pick this book up, (grab some tissues before hand). 


Every author/story I mention can be found on and are all based around Carla Connor from Coronation Street.

My favorite authors include GlitteredeyesShannon1991xoElise MayIthinkyoullknxwAliKingInnit and TheLyricsAreMyStory.

Elise wrote the first Carla and Nick story and her talent for writing is beautiful. I love everything she writes but Enough has to be my favourite, it’s missing scenes/continuations and the writing is so real and so emotive. I also really love Slowly, now which explores Carla with her baby girl and the developing relationship with Nick. Landscape is also beautiful and written in such a realistic way. 

Amber keeps Carla and Peter alive through her writing; everything she writes is a joy to read and the characterisation is amazing. Don’t Let Go is my favourite thing that Amber has written; it explores Carla and Peter rebuilding their relationship and is written so realistic. I also love Dark Paradise which again explores Carla and Peter after the break down of their relationship and Half Me Half You explores what could have happened of Carla and Peter had their little girl, this is also one of my favourites. I am yet to dislike anything Amber writes and her talent is incredible. 

Shannon wrote One Call Away and it is one of my favourite stories; it is full of emotion and is written so sensitively and beautifully. There’s a massive plot twist (which I loved) and explores Carla getting support from Nick despite their relationship being over and their trust is re-built. I love the concept and storyline to this.

Band Aid on a Gunshot Wound is written so beautifully and emotionally by Hannah. I constantly find myself going back to re-read this and the way it is written is entrancing.  It explores Carla suffering from past events and Nick being exposed to the impacts of past events for the first time. This is so emotive and definitely worth the read.

CorrieFan23 has written Carla’s Angels and the sequel. These are quite long but they remain entrancing and engaging all the way through. The story focuses on Carla and Peter, a blast from the past and the creation of a family. The new characters created are easy to imagine and so real and the constant twists and turns make this story so good. 

Boo112 has written Moving Forwards and I love this; the characters created are so real and this is such an easy story. It follows Carla and Peter as they build a family and, of course, it is not straight forward. I find the storylines easy to follow and it such an enjoyable story. Again, this is a long one but it is so worth it.

I challenge you to read Dear Daddy without crying. This is the most beautifully written one shot I have ever read and the writing is flawless. It is emotive and captivating – there is tears every time I read this.

You can read any of my fanfictions here. 

These were my favourite books and fanfictions. I have not been able to find time to read recently due to exams but am looking forward to reading loads in the summer. Please feel free to leave any book recommendations in the comments or tweet me them.


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  1. yet again, I love this post! “my sister lives on the mantlepiece” is definitely one of my favourite books of all time oh my god. also, i adore tris too, what a babe and a half(!!)

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