Katniss Everdeen – get the look

For my last day at secondary school we all got to dress up as anything we want, I decided to dress up as Katniss from The Hunger Games. I thought I’d share with you how I got the look.


I wore my black skinny jeans from New Look with a black vest top from Primark. I then wore a green light-weight coat with my black converse. 


I wore the Mockingjay pin on my coat, then wore the glove that is worn when using a bow and arrow. To finish it off I had a bow. All of this was ordered from Amazon.  

I could only get a good picture of the pin but you can see the glove and bow in the above picture.


My friend kindly did my hair in a plait that went down one side; my hair is dark so it doesn’t show on camera but it was a braid across the back of my head and then down one side. 

For my nails I wore a Barry M colour and a Champneys clear top coat which added and extra shine. Obviously Katniss wouldn’t wear a nail varnish but my nails are so ruined from painiting them all the time I needed to cover it up!

For my make-up I wore basically what I wear most days just with a few changes. 

Katniss’ cheekbones are always so defined so I used the Miss Sporty bronzer to contour underneath my usual bronzer. 

For my eyes, I used brown in the crease and outer part of my lid and then used a dark green like colour on the lid. The brown was out of my Collection palette and the green from my Creative Colours palette. I then lined my waterline with a black Collection liner and a liquid eyeliner from Lumiere on my lash line.


I’m so sorry this post is short and not my best but I do have another planned for this weekend!

Thank you for reading and please leave any blog suggestions in the comments!


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