Why Do You Love Connie Beauchamp?

1. Connie’s character development has been beyond amazing to watch. In Holby City, Connie was a closed person, everything revolved around getting the job done. Since joining Casualty I feel, as an audience, we’ve learnt more about Connie as a person, her emotions and her beliefs. This is what made me so attached and intrigued, the slow opening of Connie made me want to watch and find out more. We’ve learnt that beneath the front Connie puts on she’s vulnerable, cautious and full of emotions. 

2. Connie’s strength is incredible; she’s a leading female in what could be described as a male dominated environment. She’s strong minded, good at her job and compassionate as she does so. She never lets herself be undermined or spoken down to. She stands up for what she believes in and that’s probably the main reason I became so attached. 

3. Connie’s care and passion is admirable. The storyline with Alfred was one of my favourites, it helped us to learn a lot about Connie and Amanda Mealing’s portrayal of this story was breathtaking. I felt so much emotion towards this story and watching Connie put all her care and passion into helping someone. Her friendship with Charlie also brings out Connie’s caring side and is a pleasure to watch. I also enjoyed the scenes a few weeks ago with Connie on the roof when a patient’s Dad found himself struggling, again Amanda Mealing portrayed these scenes beautifully and were incredible to watch. 

Connie’s passion for the job she does can frequently be seen, her quick decision making and her determination to save her patients shows her passion. I think this is such an inspiring thing about Connie and teaches us all to put care and passion into all we do. 

4. Watching Connie with Grace is one of my favourite things, the scenes show such a different side to Connie. I’ve loved watching the challenges Connie faced with juggling work and Grace, the two things she cares the most about. I think the recent scenes especially have highlighted the challenges Connie faces regarding Grace but then again the scenes at the Sports Day showed the fun and loving relationship the pair have. 

5. Jacob has shown such a different side to Connie, he’s been her first proper love interest in Casualty and the relationship is beautiful to watch. It’s full of care, Jacob supporting Connie when she was getting Grace back was so special but the relationship is also full of love and passion. I honestly love this relationship so much and everything it portrays; I can’t wait to watch it get back on track in the coming weeks. 


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