June Favourites 


Finishing my exams has been such a blessing as it has meant I have time to read again. “The Collector” is on my reading list for Enlgish Literature but as soon as the opening paragraph was read to me I wanted to read it. This book is gripping and intruiging whilst making you question certain things. I am gripped by the writing style John Fowles chose and I can’t wait to finish this book and unravel the plot further. 


Confessions of a Shopaholic was one of the films I watched this month and I enjoyed it so, so much. It was such an easy watch and perfect for a movie night in with friends. There’s comedy and more serious parts. The film basically follows a young woman who’s come into debt due to her shopping habit and her journey to reach the job she’s always dreamt of. It’s light hearted but also teaches you about priorities and taking and appreciating all your chances. 

I watched Fantastic Four (2015) with my Dad and Step-Mum one evening and I honestly loved it. We watched the one where they four gain their powers and how it happened. I honestly loved this and was gripped the whole way through; I’m definitely going to be watching the others at some point.  

TV Shows:

New Blood is a show I was unsure I would enjoy but I gave it a go anyway. I am so glad I did because I love this show, it keeps me intrigued and gripped. The writing is phenomenal and the storylines are intwined so cleverly and it just works. Mark Strepan is phenomenal and I’m so glad I’ve discovered his talent through this show. I am a bit behind because of exams (yawn) but am catching up so quickly – this show is so gripping. If you haven’t watched this then I definitely recommend catching up on BBC iPlayer asap. 

Holby City has always been a show I’ve watched at but when Rosie Marcel went on maternity leave I stopped watching. Since she’s returned I’ve been so busy with exams and only this month have I been able to get back into the show. The death of Arthur was my favourite episode this month it moved me so, so much and was beautifully written and acted by everyone. The episodes recently have been so engaging and enjoyable and I’ve been really enjoying the show again. 

I watch Eastenders religiously; I always catch up on the school bus and have been loving it this month especially. We’ve seen Bobby finally be sent down and the acting in that storyline recently has been amazing. Also, the storyline line regarding Andy and Ronnie has been gripping and I’ve really enjoyed watching it become more sinister and engaging throughout the month; Samantha Womack is one of my favourite actresses and I’ve loved seeing her in the show more again. 

It’d be wrong for me not to include Coronation Street in my favourites this month. Admittedly I’ve not been enjoying this show anywhere as much as I used to but the Sarah storyline has been phenomenal this month. Tina’s acting has been beyond incredible in recent scenes, seeing Sarah progressively become more distressed has been gripping and the episodes definitely worth the watch. 


On Spotify I usually stick to the same few albums or the same few artists but this month I discovered a new playlist that I’ve been constantly listening to. It’s an acoustic playlist full of beautiful songs and amazing voices. Some of my favourite songs are on this playlist and I honestly love it. If you want to listen you can do here.

If you haven’t yet watched Adele at Glastonbury then you should definitely take an hour and a half to do so – it is the best live performance I have watched in ages. Adele’s stage presence makes her so amazing to watch, her engagement with the crowd and her light hearted nature. Adele’s voice gives me goosebumps, she makes it look effortless and her shows are always incredible to watch. I think what made this performance so special was Adele’s humbleness and her joy and gratefulness when performing. It’s available on BBC iPlayer if you are yet to watch this performance.   


Kiko is a brand I fell in love with last year when I discovered it in Ibiza but it was always so hard to find in the UK. I was beyond happy when a Kiko store opened in a shopping centre near me. I purchased the eyeshadow in 176; the price is so good for a product of this quality. The pigmentation is amazing and it blends so nicely with other shadows. 

I purchased my favourite perfume in Ibiza last year and finished the bottle quickly; the shipping for the perfume is just as much as the actual perfume so I never ordered a new one. I was in River Island the other day and found that one of their perfumes smells identical to the one I got in Ibiza; I was so happy to find it and have been loving it so, so much since I got it. You get 75ml and it’s honestly such a good price at £12 when the scent honestly lasts all day on my wrists.

I purchased this coat for my dress up day at school but ended up falling in love with it. I love the colour agains black or white and it is so light weight which is perfect for the summer. I also love that it folds away which is going to be perfect for travelling plus it is waterproof. I have been wearing this so much and really love it – it was from Primark and was suh a good price for a coat.  


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