Prom 2016

My prom was on the 1st July, we had it at the town’s rugby ground and, honestly, it was one of the best nights of my life. I had such a lovely time seeing everyone for the first time since exams, everyone looked beautiful and it was just a really lovely evening. 

I thought I’d do a little ‘prom look’ type post today and I’m so sorry I forgot to take photos of my hair!


My dress was from “Quiz” it was navy blue with the silver detailing and came just below my knees. I decided to go for a shorter one as it was just easier to move in and I felt more comfortable. It had a petal shaped opening at the back and came quite high up at the front. It was elasticated at the back which made it fit so much better than the other ones I tried on. 

I got my shoes in “Dorothy Perkins” and they matched the silver detailing on my dress so, so nicely. They were actually surprisingly comfortable and easy to walk in although I did have to go the size down. Also, I have narrow feet so usually everything just falls off but these fitted me so well. 

My bag was also from “Dorothy Perkins” and it held everything I needed it to. The strap to hold it was quite small but that didn’t really matter because I left it on the table all night. The silver matched my dress and my shoes so it didn’t look odd in the photos. 

Nails and Perfume:

I got my nails done, they were still mine just shaped and the painted with the colours of my dress. They’ve chipped a little bit now but lasted for prom which was all I was worried about. 

On my toes I used “Perfectly Flesh” by Avon and then their matte top coat over the top. I decided just to go for a nude as my shoes were quite bright and, honestly, I didn’t really want people looking at my toes. 

For my perfume I wore the River Island one I spoke about here, it lasted all night and is my favourite scent at the moment. I then took my “Travalo” in my bag so I could top up my perfume if needed. 


Most of this is in my everyday makeup but I thought I’d write about some of the things I did differently. 

For primer I used the Rimmel “lasting finish”, I never really use this but it’s honestly so good. My makeup didn’t move all night and it wasn’t slippy on my skin, it gave a really nice base. Over my makeup I used the Avon setting spray as I always do. 

For highlight I used Benefit “high beam” and patted that in gently with my finger. Over the top I used the “Pink Lights” highlighter which I’ve spoken about so many times. 

On my eyes I used so many products. It ended up being a blue/grey smokey eye with silver glitter in the inner corners. The blue’s are from NYC and I wasn’t expecting much for £2 but they were so good. I used the darkest one on my outer half then the middle one towards the middle to blend. I then used a darker colour on the very outer corner and blended the grey from Kiko into my outer crease. I then used a lighter brown to blend everything out. I stuck the glitter in my inner corners with some vaseline. I then used the black pencil in my water line and lash line. I used tape to make sure I got a cat eye kind of look. 

For my lips I wore my lipliner from Primark with MAC “Modesty” over the top, this was quite neutral which is what I wanted as the eyes were so heavy. 

Final Look:

If you want to see more photos with my friends and just of the evening in general then there’s some on my Instagram (@ifyouseejaz) and my Twitter (@keepwalking_t) 


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