Summer Plans 2016

I’m so determined to make the most of this summer, although I got annoyed at every teacher telling me it’s the longest one I’ll ever have and to make the most of it they’re right. I really feel that throughout exams I lost myself a little bit, I didn’t make time to so things I enjoy and threw myself into all of my exams and revision and now feel full of random Science facts of poetry analysis than the person I really am.

I go to Disneyland Paris this week which I’m really looking forward to. It’ll be so nice to spend some time away and really relax. I love Disney, it’s so magical and I can’t wait to make some really good memories.

I am also going to the Butlins in Skegness later on in the month, I’ve been before and really enjoyed it. It’s such a lovely family holiday and there’s so much to do within Butlins and around Skegness; I love the typical British holidays and I’m really looking forward to spending some proper time with my Dad and Step-Mum.

In between these holidays I think I’m going to do some volunteering at one of the charity shops near me. Not only will this look good on my CV or application forms, I think it will be such a good experience and help me to feel good about the things I’m doing. I really want to help others more and show more support to my local organisations.

As well as volunteering I really want to start looking for a job, even if it is just for the summer. Since turning 16 I’ve wanted to get a job but it didn’t feel right to do so till I’d left school. I’m definitely going to be handing my CV in some places and keeping my eye out for any opportunities. I really want to start gaining some work experience and become more independent.

I’m looking at going up to Manchester at some point to stay with my Uncle; I’m honestly in love with this city and try to go as much as I can. It’ll also be really nice to spend some time with my Uncle and perhaps go on the Alton Towers trip he promise a while back.

I have a reading list so, so long and can’t wait to get back into reading. I have visions of reading with smoothies in the garden but the British weather may have other ideas. I also have Happy Valley on DVD to watch which I got for myself for after my exams; I’ve only heard good things about this show and can’t wait to watch it.

I got my keyboard and all the piano learning books back in January but have had barley any time to teach myself; I really want to make an effort to do this over the summer as I currently can only play around two songs properly and the scales. I also recently got the book for my next Violin grade and my teacher has recorded a few of the pieces for me so I’m looking forward to playing them and learning them.

In terms of finding myself again I think I need to start doing the things I love again and spend more time with the people I love. I want to go on more walks and give myself more thinking time and also really look after myself. I’m really looking forward to making the most of this summer before I begin my ALevels in September.

Let me know your summer plans in the comments!


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