Travel Beauty Bags

When I go away I usually take three bags with makeup/beauty items in; this seems excessive but having one in my hand luggage and then my makeup separate from other bits is really useful. 
Hand Luggage:

In my hand luggage I just take a few bits that might be useful or essential during the journey. 

First I have essential things; a packet of tissues is so useful because you never know what they could come in handy for even if you don’t need them someone’s bound to. I also just make sure I have a few sanitary items on me because you can never be too careful, again even if you don’t end up needing them someone else might. 

Next in my hand luggage I just take some deodorant be travelling can be stressful and airports or train stations can get quite hot. I also then take some body spray for the same reason really and then perfume in my “travalo” incase we end up in a restaurant whilst waiting or something. 

I have some hand cream just incase I eat something with my hands or if my hands get dry or anything. I then have some hand gel in case I touch something sticky or the hand dryers aren’t that good.

The last thing in my hand luggage is my rescue remedy spray, airports or stations can get so busy and having this on me is just a assurance. Also, I’m going on the Eurostar this year and trains are one of my biggest fears so this really helps me.  

Beauty Bag:
I put my beauty bag in my main suitcase and it just basically contains everything beauty that isn’t makeup. 
First I have some plasters because walking around can cause blisters and I’m so clumsy so they’re always good to have. I also have some paracetamol just incase of a headache or anything; I usually take these because I can use them for a headache, an allergy or jaw pain and it works for all of them. 

Next I just have all my skincare. I have a mini cleansing water and some cotton pads to remove my makeup. I then have some spot gel which is honesty a miracle worker. I then have a mini scrub and just a normal size cleanser; both of these are really quick and work really well. I then have a moisturiser because the sun tends to dry out my skin so this light cream works so well and then I have my blistex lip balm because it’s the only thing I can find that works on my lips and actually makes a difference. 

For my hair I usually use litre bottles of shampoo and conditioner but obviously I don’t want to pack them. I got these 250ml bottles from Avon and I think I’ve had before; it’s a frizz control one which hopefully will be good because of the heat. I’m then taking my Revlon UniqOne because this saved my hair; I know you can get travel sized bottles and should’ve probably invested in one but this is so good I don’t mind it taking up some room. 

I take shower gel minis because you don’t have to bring them back with you. I love this scent in the summer because it’s so clean and fresh; I’m taking more than one because within four days I’ll probably use a few. I’m take a body butter rather than a thinner cream because my skin will probably get dry in the sun or in the pool with the chlorine and this leaves my skins really moisturised.

I’m taking a big bottle of deodorant because it’s going to be warm and stuffy so it’ll just be better to have a bigger bottle. Also, I’ll probably have outfit changes within the day and use this. I also then have a mini body spray because this is light for everyday use just whilst we’re out and about and it’s a scent that can be worn in the day or the evening.

Makeup Bag:

For my face makeup I’m just taking my everyday routine that I know I like and works for me. I’m thinking about taking my contour kit that’s almost done and then just leaving it there. I then have three of the collection concealers with the intention of leaving one of them there. 

For eyes I’m taking as little as possible. I’m just taking my normal mascaras and then my favourite eyeliner. I’m taking the Collection palette just because it’s so versatile and can create light or dark looks; again I’m thinking of taking my old one just to use it up.  

I’m just taking two lip combinations, one for my darker outfits and one for my lighter outfits. Both lipliners stay on so well and then the MAC lipstick is one of my favourites and I love it and the Seventeen on gives such a nice nude sheen. I am thinking of taking my Rimmel Kate Moss nude instead just because it lasts a little bit longer. 


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