Disneyland Paris 2016

I was lucky enough to visit Disneyland Paris and the city of Paris recently; we stayed for four days which was plenty of time and the weather was so beautiful throughout our trip. 


We stayed in the Newport Bay hotel which is one of the Disney hotels and it was so, so lovely. The room was the perfect size for the amount of time we were in it and it everywhere was always so clean. The hotel had both an indoor and outdoor pool that had loads of floats and things, both pools were really nice and the sunbeds beside the outdoor pool were really good.

The park was around a ten minute walk from the hotel or about a ten minute journey on the shuttle bus that went to the Disney hotels then the park; either way the park was easily accessible – this factor probably being my favourite of the hotel.

The food was actually really nice in the hotel; they had two restaurants with the same buffet; I’m guessing that was just for extra seating. There were so many options and the staff were so lovely.

If you book into a Disney hotel you get two hours early entry into the park which was so good, although it’s only the main park opens it’s so worthwhile. There were more characters around and the queues were short as well; we managed to meet about four characters and go on some rides before the park officially opened.

Disney is beyond magical. The thought that has gone into every part of both the parks is incredible; the visuals on the rides are incredible and every detail is incredible.

Disney Studios contained the ‘bigger’ rides I suppose, there are a few rollercoasters and other rides. Even though the queues were quite long it was really worth it, you can get a free fast pass for some of the rides but we just decided not to aa they give you a specific time. All the rides were so good and worth the queue time; the visuals and the intensity of the rides were incredible. I’m not really a ride person but with all the visuals and the atmosphere it made the rides so enjoyable.

The main Disney Park has the vast majority of characters and more rides; I’d say the rides in this park are more child friendly apart from maybe one or two. To meet the princesses you have to go to the Princess Pavilion, the queues were always so long when we were there – if you want to meet a princess and you’re in a Disney hotel then I’d recommend going to queue at around half nine or before. There’s also a Meet Mickey Mouse area were again you queue to go into a different area; we were lucky enough to meet Mickey and Minnie Mouse together and if you look around enough you mind fine him. To meet the other characters if you look at the programme you can see when and where they are in the park and some queues are obviously longer than others.

The shopping in the park is so good, there’s so many shops although it is quite expensive. There’s such a range, there’s clothes, sweets, souvenirs and so much more. There’s also loads of restaurants within the park and within Disney Village; the service is quite slow but it’s all good food.


We had a day in Paris and I fell in love with this city; it’s so beautiful. We did the open top bus tour and I’d definitely recommend this, it allows you to go to all the main places in Paris and it’s so easy and stress free.
The sites were beyond beautiful and I loved exploring the city and seeing its beauty. The restaurants along the Chanselise all looked so good; we went to a pizza and pasta place and it was lovely. 

We also visited the Eiffel Tower, we didn’t go up it because of the queues but the views from the bottom were spectacular. I’m so happy I got to visit Paris as I loved it so, so much and would definitely go again.


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