Why Do You Love Scott and Bailey?

I’ve done a few of these “Why do I love…” posts now and thought I’d do my last planned one about my favourite show. I’ve honestly never loved and been so engaged to a show, Scott and Bailey is beyond incredible and if you have not watched it then I’d strongly suggest it. 

It sounds so random but the theme tune to this show is so good and the music used throughout the episodes. I just think that the theme tune is so relevant and just feels like it’s been linked to the show so well. The music then used behind the scenes of episodes is so good as it creates the atmosphere and the mood that is intended. 

Also, the little montage video that is played with the theme tune is so good; it shows you all the relevant aspects of the show and highlight what it’s about. 

I love the way the episodes are structured. They intertwine the crimes with the personal lives of the characters so well; everything links so well together and all the scenes feel completely relevant to the episode or the series. I find every episode so interesting and engaging – there’s never time to get bored within an episode. 

The crimes investigated and explored in the show are always gripping, some are so cleverly intertwined with other crimes and even the one episode long crimes are intriguing. I really respect the amount of research carried out by the team; the correct facts and police procedure make the show that bit more real. I feel that the accuracy increases the amount you can relate the show to the world surrounding us. My favourite crimes have to be when Joe Bevan committed several murders and ended in an almost fatal outcome for Gill. I also love the end investigation in series four which all linked together so well. Series five only included one crime but it was so relevant to the world we’re living in, showed different sides to many characters and was written flawlessly – I couldn’t have asked for a better ending to the show, it highlighted all the show’s best features.  

All of the characters are so well crafted and I have opinions and feelings about all of them. I don’t feel that there are any static characters involved, everyone has a purpose. Pete, Lee and Mitch could be said to be the typical males in the environment; all three of these make me laugh and all three actors are incredible. Danny Miller was in the show for a while and I loved is character, he played Rob so well. 

I’m so, so glad Amelia Bullmore played the part of Gill because she was honestly incredible. Gill had so much depth as a character and there are so many sides to her. I was intrigued by this character episode upon episode and the way Amelia played the character in a way that left a lasting impact. It was so good to watch a strong female in what could be described as a male dominated environment. Amelia then went on to write a few episodes including the series four finale which was written incredibly well. 

Janet Scott and Rachel Bailey are the main characters in the show however I feel it’s written in such a way that all the characters are important. 

Janet highlights the working Mum and I love the way she shows that even as a Mum and a single Mum she can have such an important and demanding job. Janet’s character development is amazing and she’s such a mother figure both and home and in the workplace. Lesley Sharp delivered the storylines Janet was given so well and everything was so believable – Janet has so much depth as a character and every time I watch I love her that little bit more.

I love Rachel Bailey. Suranne Jones is one of my favourite actresses and every role she plays is incredible. I’m so engaged to Rachel and she’s flawed in so many ways but I still love her. Everything just seems to go wrong with her, she’d make decisions and I’d think “here we go again” but the depth and meaning to her character is incredible. The character development for Rachel is beyond incredible and is a development I love watching; in series one she was so dependent on Janet and others then in series five to see her being so independent and head strong was amazing. Rachel’s flaws and mistakes make me love her even more. 

I honestly love this show, I’ve re-watched it so much I could probably quote every episode (whoops). If you haven’t watched it yet there’s always repeats of episodes on ITV Encore meaning series 1-4 is on Sky demand. You can buy the series 1-5 boxset here. I am beyond looking forward to ordering my series five DVD so I don’t need to clog up the space on my Sky planner!


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