The Power Of Makeup

I’ve seen lots of people on YouTube do this video over the past couple of months and I’ve really enjoyed watching them; it got me thinking about the difference makeup makes to the way I look so I tried it out. The difference was incredible and although it wasn’t as big of a difference than some people I was still surprised and till I tried this I never realised the massive difference makeup makes to my appearance. This then got me thinking about why I wear makeup and why I want to use its power.

Primarily I wear makeup for myself and to make myself feel better which is a habit I’m desperate to grow out of; I started wearing it to cover things about my face I’m uncomfortable with for my own benefit not anybody else’s. As I’ve grown up I’ve learnt that everyone gets the odd spot now and again or the odd patch of redness or dry skin but I still make the choice to wear makeup.

I think makeup has the power to accentuate areas of your face you like and want to be seen; I enjoy contouring because my Mum was kind enough to pass on her half decent cheek bones and contouring brings them out. I also often line my waterline because it brings out the colour of my eyes more. Makeup has the power to make your features stand out.

But it also has the power to hide things you might not be so comfortable with; I’m all for embracing your imperfections and being proud of the person you are but then again I don’t feel there’s anything wrong with wanting to hide the bags form lack of sleep or the odd spot that has chosen to make an appearance. I know I use a heavier concealer on my chin because of the scars left from spots that I want to hide to achieve an even skin tone. I also use three mascaras and curl my eyelashes as they’re naturally so short. I love that makeup can have the power to take things you’re not so happy with and make them better.

I strongly believe in embracing your imperfections and learning to love them and I really think this is so important. You don’t need to cover the spot on your chin or the bags under your eyes but if you choose to and you want to, that is totally okay. Make up has the power to be whatever you want it to be. It is an art, something you can experiment with and have fun with; perhaps something that can relax you or be your thirty minutes of you time a day.

I don’t wear makeup every single day and I feel okay without it; I’m beyond glad I’ve broken out of the habit of not leaving the house without it if I’m only popping next door. For me, makeup gives me confidence, it makes me feel happier about the way I look and the way I’m presenting myself to other people.

I enjoy makeup, I find it fun and I suppose collecting and experimenting with it has become a hobby – applying it in the morning can be something to look forward to or spending time on it when you’re going out somewhere special. I enjoy the vast amounts of shades available and the different formulas lipsticks come in. I think makeup has been something that has enticed me.

Makeup is powerful in so many different ways.


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