Butlin’s Skegness 2016

We were so lucky with the weather on this holiday; it had become an ongoing joke that when the four of us go away the weather is terrible. The sun made our time in Skegness even more enjoyable during the days. The only thing I would say is that there wasn’t really anywhere air conditioned to go and sit meaning we were all constantly so warm.

There’s so many things to do as a family throughout the time you’re there. We did family sports day which was so much fun and also archery and kwik cricket. It was a good chance to interact with other families on their holiday and get to know new people.

The beach on the Butlin’s site isn’t all that nice but it’s a beach. It’s not horrible by any means they just haven’t put any money into it. It was lovely to walk along during the day and we even saw a jellyfish from where the tide had been in. My Step-Mum persuaded me to put my feet in the sea for one of the first times and it was so refreshing. Yes, the sea was slightly brown but we’ll just blame that on the sand!

They also have on oversized beach thing which was so cool. There’s big sand buckets, beach balls and a deck chair. This is such a good place for photos and I thought it was a really good idea.

The food was actually really nice, we had the premium dining plan which meant we had access to two of the buffet restaurants. As a family we, personally, preferred ‘The Deck’ as we managed to find a table that actually had air conditioning. There was lots of options to choose from and I managed to become obsessed with granola during our stay.

We got these activity passes which were really worth it, they allowed us to do six activities for around half the price it would have usually cost. We did bowling which was really good, go karting which admittedly I was slightly rubbish at, adventure golf (this is so good and this is the one thing I’d definitely recommend), pool and Quasar (this is basically laser tag and I loved this it was so much fun).

For the evening entertainment we got ‘B-Line’ passes which allowed us into the venues fifteen minutes early; I think this was worth it just because it meant we didn’t have to rush for a good seat and also the queue was shorter.

On the first night we saw a comedian who I can’t remember the name of for the life of me. He was really, really funny and also was raising money for ‘Help the Heroes’ which I admired about him. I met him after the show and he was so lovely.

I dragged my Dad along with me to see Union J and this was so, so good. I’ve always liked them as a group and they were brilliant live. They interacted so well with the crowd and their voices are amazing. They covered ‘Run’ and it was so beautiful, in fact the whole set was incredible. Afterwards I was lucky enough to meet them and they were all so lovely and really chatty.

The highlight of my holiday was probably seeing Diversity, they were phenomenal. When you watch them on the tele you think they’re really good but live they’re something else. The amount of precision and accuracy in every single move is incredible as is their energy. The interaction with the crowd was also so good, getting us involved in the show and making it even more memorable. Every routine they did had me fixed (as a result I took barley any photos) and the whole performance was one I won’t forget in a hurry.

We went to the circus on our last night and I’d never been to one before so I was really looking forward to it. It was acrobatic and the talent was insane. The strength and bravery of the people was admirable and I jumped out my seat more than once. If you’re visiting Skegness’ Butlin’s this year I’d definitely recommend seeing the circus. 

Obviously Butlin’s isn’t the most exotic or exciting holiday destination but I had the most amazing time away with the beautiful weather. I laughed till I cried most days and honestly enjoyed myself so much and I’m so grateful for the company I was surrounded with.


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