Summer Nails

As we’ve now got the better weather I thought I’d actually write this post instead of collecting pictures for it. I paint my nails all year round but I know so many people that only choose to in the summer. Nails are something that can be adventurous in the summer and really stand out. I’ve picked out a few colours in my collection that I really enjoy wearing in the summer time.

Miss Sporty don’t have names for their shades but they do quite a few pastel colours that I really like. This one is sort of a blue/purple and looks so good – it lasts for about five days and has a nice shine to it plus they’re such a good price. You can buy it here.

This nail varnish isn’t mine but I borrowed it from a friend and fell in love. It’s slightly more expensive as it’s from Urban Outfitters but I’d definitely pay the money for it. It gives such a good holographic shine under any form of light and without light looks so lovely and glittery, I took this off after about a week but it would have probably lasted longer. You can buy it here.

Cliché have some lovely colours available and the formula is so good. I love this green because it has gold undertones which make it perfect for the summer. It has a slight glitter to it and I love this one under the daylight. You can get it here.

I love the Avon gel finish collection and all the brighter colours are perfect for the summer. The colours are so bold and opaque which I love and they honestly look like gel. They last for about a week and I just love this range of nail varnishes so much in the summer. You can get them in the Avon catalogue.

The Barry M gelly collection is another one that is great in the summer and give the gel nail look. This colour is in the shade Sugar Apple and looks so good in the summer as it has that pastel feel to it. On top I use the opal top coat from Avon which looked so nice, it gave a shine and sort of looked like a mermaid’s tail (maybe)? This lasted a week and I loved it so much. You can get the Barry M one here.

Champneys is a little pricier but the quality of the product definitely reflects the price. The shades don’t have names but I used the pale pink one. This gave a really nice sheen to the nails with a slight bit of colour. The only thing I would say is that I needed three coats but the end result looked so nice. I’ve currently had this on for a week and it’s still completely fine which I’m so impressed with. You can buy it here.

In the summer I love using this gel coat from Avon, it gives the gel look to any nail varnish and the shine is perfect for the summer time. I was so sceptical about this but it really works and I’ve been loving using it with every nail varnish I’ve worn to give that extra summer look.


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