July Favourites 

Just a quick note – I really want to do a Q&A in the near future so please leave any questions in the comments or on my ask.fm (@jaz__x) 


New Blood has been my favourite show recently, I saved the last episode for about a week before watching it because I really didn’t want the series to end. It was such a good crime drama and I just loved every case of it. I think I’m going to do a more in depth post about this show so I don’t want to go too into it but I would definitely recommend you watch this show if you haven’t already – I think it’s still available on demand.

I know I mentioned Coronation Street in last month’s favourites but they’ve been getting it so, so right at the minute. When Coronation Street get it right they get it really right. Kylie’s death honestly broke me and both Paula and Jack, who play Kylie and David, were incredible. In recent weeks the storylines have been so good and I’m really enjoying the show again. Trailers were recently released for the Summer and I’m really looking forward to the upcoming storyline lines and one particular character return.


In terms of music I haven’t really being loving everything, all the music that has come out recently I’ve been enjoying. The one song that has particularly stood out to me is Callum Scott singing Dancing On My Own – this is probably one of my new favourite songs. I’m in love with Callum’s voice and this is such a beautiful song and suits his voice so well. I just really love it – if you haven’t listened yet you can listen to it here.

This isn’t really music as in what you can listen to but I’ve been loving playing my violin throughout this month. Throughout my exams I was still having my lessons but I was finding it really hard to play it at home. Since I’ve left school I’ve been left with my exam pieces to have a look at over the summer and so far I’ve pretty much finished the first piece. I just forgot how much I loved my violin over the past few months and I’m so glad I got back into it.


I’ve only watched one film this month which is so unlike me but the one I did watch I fell back in love with. I was talking to my friend Becky about films that break our hearts and she mentioned ‘My Sister’s Keeper.’ I still haven’t read the book for this but it’s on my reading list, I usually hate watching before reading but this film is incredible. Cameron Diaz is beyond incredible and I’m so glad I watched this again because I although it breaks my heart I love it so much.


I needed some small silver studs for my prom but didn’t want to spend that much and the cheapest way was to get this multi pack from Primark. I’ve ended up falling in love with this pack, all the earrings are so lovely and they all match which I love because I have my firsts and seconds pierced. I’ve just really been loving wearing these and they’re such good quality for the price.

When I was away this month I was trying to avoid taking full size products because of space and stuff. I took the ‘Clean on Me’ for both holidays and I love it so much. A little really goes a long way when you use this and I really love the smell. I was away for four days in Paris and both of us used it every day and it ran out on the last day and then I used it for four days in Butlin’s and still had some left.

I forgot my after-sun when I went to Paris which I thought was a bad move but the Soap&Glory body butter is a miracle worker. I used one of these at the beginning of the year during winter and loved it. For the summer it just rehydrated my skin after being in the sun and really soothed my sunburn. I’ve carried on using this since I got back and I’ve been loving it so much.

Another thing I discovered whilst I was on holiday was a new conditioner. I took this one because it’s smaller than the one I usually use and ended up loving this. It’s from Avon and basically helps with frizz control which in this humidity has been a life saver. The bottle is such a good size for travel as well and, if I remember correctly, it’s such a good price.

I’ve been loving this eyeshadow from Sunkissed so much this month; it’s so pigmented and looks really good for summer. It’s basically a champagne type colour with shimmer in. I’ve been using it all over my lid recently and have loved it. I think you can get Sunkissed products online, in body care and other shops like that (I’ve seen it in poundland a few times). For the price this is such a good product and I’d pay way more for it.

I only ever use this bronzer in the summer really and fall in love with it each time. It has a slight shimmer to it which I really like in the warmer months and it’s so easy to blend. It just adds that colour back into your face and gives a lovely glow.

I’d wanted this highlighter forever but couldn’t justify buying the full size but I found a mini the other week and finally got to try it. I love this so much, it gives such a natural get noticeable glow to the skin and stays on all day. I’ve been particular liking it in the warmer weather because it’s a liquid product so tends to stay on for that bit longer.

Just a quick note – I really want to do a Q&A in the near future so please leave any questions in the comments or on my ask.fm (@jaz__x) 


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