New Blood – BBC One

Recently the first series of New Blood concluded on BBC One and I loved the show so much so decided to do a post about it.

First of all the song in the opening titles is one of my new favourites, it’s called ‘Wolves’ by Rag’n’Bone Man and you can listen to it here if you haven’t heard it already. The song is so relevant to the show and I just love the song.

Mark Strepan really impressed me and if I’m honest I started watching the show because I liked his face in the trailer which probably wasn’t the best reason, whoops. I actually think Mark is so, so talented and he portrayed his character so well and that’s the reason I became so attached to the character of Stefan. I’d definitely love to watch Mark in more series similar to this in the future because he’s brimming with talent.

Despite becoming more attached to the character of Stefan, I also really loved the character of Rash played by Ben Tavassoli. Ben is also so talented and his character reminded me a lot of Rachel from Scott and Bailey in a strange way. I loved his work ethic and the way he always followed his beliefs and instincts in the job.

I loved the writing of the show so much just because the cases were so dramatic, twisted and dark yet the writing still gave an aspect of fun and humour into it. The writing for all three cases was so good and never failed to have me gripped and it was just written in such a way that highlighted the darkness and seriousness of the crimes yet allowed you to enjoy the show in a more fun way.

The friendship that developed between Rash and Stefan was incredible and so enjoyable to watch; at first it seemed so unlikely in the first episode with rash being so timid and Stefan being an undercover detective thing. But it turned out to be one of my favourite TV friendships I’ve seen in a show for a long time and it was written so well that it felt so really despite the fact it seemed so unlikely at first.

I think I enjoyed the series so much because it felt so realistic. The filming was done so well and although it was artsy at times on the most part it portrayed the surroundings in a real way. Biking and getting the bus to destinations and the struggles of finding a place to live. Case one was my favourite but all three were so, so good and you got to see crimes that are probably sat on everyone’s doorsteps without us knowing.

I’m in full belief there will be a second series of this show and I’ll be gutted if there isn’t. If you haven’t watched this show I think the whole series is on demand or it’ll be available on DVD soon.  

I’m going to be doing a Q&A soon so please leave any questions in the comments or on my which is @Jaz__x


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