My skin is the only skin I’ll ever have so I really want to look after it plus, looking after my skin sort of increases my confidence and makes my makeup so much easier to apply.
To take my makeup off I use the ‘Garnier Micellar Cleansing Water’ with an oval cotton pad; this is really good because it takes off the majority of me makeup and feels really gentle and fresh on the skin. I don’t have to be harsh with it and it takes everything off apart from bits of waterproof mascara.

To further cleanse my face I switch between two depending on my skin. If I’m having a bad skin day I like to use the ‘Simple spotless skin’ wash. This is so gentle and has little microbeads in it, it makes your skin feel so clean and also helps to get rid of any spots that have appeared. When I’m having a good skin day I use the ‘Avon pore penetrating’ wash which basically just gets out all the dirt on the surface of my face and in my pores. I actually love this so much, it makes my skin feel so clean and I really notice the difference in my pores.

To apply both of these cleansers to my face I use the face brush thing (wow very technical there) from Primark. This was so cheap and it really works; I wanted an electronic one but I just wanted to start with a cheap one and have ended up loving it. It just really helps to spread the product all over my face and foams them up really well.

For scrubs I do the same, I switch between them depending on my skin. If my skin is bad or I can feel a breakout coming along I use the ‘Neutrogena spot stress control’ scrub. This was a saviour during my exams and any stressful times really. It really helps with spots and prevents many more from coming – the only thing is, personally, I find this quite harsh so try not to use it every single day. If my skin is good I usually go for the ‘Simple Smoothing Facial Scrub’ this smells so good and it is so gentle on the skin. I’ve only just got the ‘Clinique 7 Day Scrub Cream’ and I’ve only used it once but it was so gentle on my skin and left my skin feeling really good so it’ll mostly likely feature in an upcoming favourites.

I tend to use a face mask once or twice a week depending on my skin. Every Saturday I use the ‘Avon pore penetrating’ mask, which goes with the cleanser, and I’m in love with this. It makes my skin look so much healthier and really cleans out all my pores and just makes my skin so clean. I’d definitely recommend the Avon skincare range because it works so well. If my skin is struggling during the week I reach to the ‘Beauty Formulas Tea Tree’ mask which is so cheap from body care. This just helps really cleanse my skin but it’s not as good as the Avon one and isn’t as heavy on my skin.

For a toner I use the ‘Boots Botanics Cleansing’ toner, I really like this because it just cleans any other dirt off my skin and really brightens my skin as well. It gives a really healthy glow and I can definitely notice when I don’t use this.

I’ve tried so many spot treatments and finally found one I really like. I used to use the stick version of this but the gel is so much better just because you can get all the product out the bottle. The ‘Witch Blemish Gel’ really helps to get rid of spots or minimise their size. It stings slightly when you first put it on but it works so well I can look past this.

I didn’t use moisturiser for ages which, I know, is really bad but I couldn’t find one that didn’t break me out or just make my skin feel greasy. But then I started using the ‘Clinique Moisture Surge’ about four days ago and it is so good (and unfortunately so expensive). My Mum managed to get hold of the mini for really cheap but I’m struggling to find anywhere else to purchase the mini of this. I makes my skin feel so smooth and healthy. It’s not sticky or greasy and just sinks into the skin really well. You need the tiniest amount of this as well so this small pot will probably last ages. I’d really recommend this if, like me, you’re struggling to find a moisturiser that isn’t oily and greasy.

For my lip balm I switch between loads, I have managed to collect quite a few but these ones are definitely my favourites. ‘Blistex’ is by far my favourite, it’s quite heavy on the lips but mine are so dry all the time and this just gets rid of that. It works so well and you can notice a difference immediately. I then really like the ‘Nivea’ one, it’s really nice and sinks into the lips. ‘Balmi’ is a really good brand, this is a bit more expensive for a lip balm but I’d definitely say that it’s worth it. Finally, I really like the ‘Jack Wills’ lip balms, I was gifted these and wasn’t really expecting much but gave them a go. These are really good when your lips aren’t really dry, I usually keep on in my bag for on the go. They lightly moisturise the lips and each of them has a really nice scent.


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