Jessica Ennis-Hill : An Inspiration 

I’ve been watching the Olympics a lot more than I thought I would since it begun and I have been really enjoying it. I’m going to do a post on the whole event once it has finished but for now there is one athlete that I wanted to do a separate post for. 

Jessica Ennis-Hill.

Jess achieved a silver medal this Olympics in the Heptathlon – it was so, so close. I thoroughly enjoyed watching her throughout the seven events.

I am not really into actively participating sports; I really like walking and I sometimes go to the gym at school but that is it. Despite not really engaging in sports the Olympics has had me so engaged, especially the Heptathlon. 

The BBC have a campaign called “Be Inspired” and although I won’t be participating in any new sports, I have definitely been inspired by Jessica Ennis-Hill.

Since London 2012 she has always been someone I looked to, someone who I noticed that was positive.

I couldn’t admire the way Jess loves what she does anymore, she’s really committed to every event she participates in. This has inspired me to love and enjoy everything I do, whether that be in my social or academic life. Through watching her I have learnt that I have more chance to succeed and be happy if I do things that I love. 

I also notice that Jess is so focused, throughout all the seven events she remained focused on the event and what she needed to do. But, as well as this she always celebrating her success and was always proud when she knew she had achieved something great. Before watching Jess in this Olympics I had always just been focused and never stopped to celebrate or be proud of what I had achieved; by watching Jess I have learnt that I can be fully focused on everything I am doing and celebrate my successes – I don’ t need to pick one. 

Her support for other people surrounding her is inspiring; her genuine happiness regarding other people’s success is something I really admire. 

I really can’t put into words the positive impact Jess has had on my attitude, she is honestly a massive inspiration to me and the world of sport needs more people like her. 


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