Results Day 2016

In England results day is the 18th or the 25th August, depending on which exams you sat and I just wanted to do this post before either of these dates occur.

As much as results are important, they do not define the person you are or your worth. You are so much more than the letters on the piece of paper. 

I know myself that exam season took up every inch of my time with revision and worry but, it is cringey, as long as you tried your best there is nothing more you could have done.

It is so important not to compare your results to other people, everybody is different and just because the person next to you perhaps got a higher grade doesn’t make them any better or more worthy than you.  

Also remember some people will celebrate Cs and some people will be disappointed with a B and that’s okay – everyone has their own expectations of themselves. It’s okay to be disappointed if you got a B when really you worked for that A but don’t let it define you, don’t let it consume you. 

Be happy for the people surrounding you, if they’re happy with their results even if you wouldn’t be congratulate them. 

Focus on the good and not on the bad. Maybe you didn’t do as well as you wanted in one subject but got a higher grade in another – celebrate your successes don’t put all your attention to the negative. 

Over all, just remember that you are more than your results, they don’t define you. 

I hope everyone getting results as their hard work and effort reflected in them and gets the results they need/want to progress. And if you don’t, remember it will be okay.

If you ever want to talk about results day nerves or pressure then my Twitter is @KeepWalking_T or leave a comment.


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