Back to School Tag

I came across this tag recently and thought I do it to start off the few Back to School posts I have planned for the coming weeks.


Do you like school?

I love learning, broadening my knowledge and heighten my academic success. I love that school allows me to learn and allows me to surround myself with people that I can learn from. However, I really dislike the education system, the way it’s formatted and the pressure and expectations it forces upon people. Predicted grades are my least favourite part about school, I could write for days about the reasons I hate them. I’d say school is a place I see some of my closest friends and learn new things (although I think I’ve learnt more for myself) but I find it really hard to cope with the pressure applied upon me.

What are you excited and nervous for this year?

This academic year is going to contain a lot of firsts which is making me very nervous get excited at the same time. I am about to start my ALevels and I am so excited for every subject I am taking to be one that I enjoy. I am really excited to really get back into playing my violin as I lost motivation for It during my GCSEs and I am starting a new string group which again I am nervous and excited for. I am just really looking forward to the new start with subjects I enjoy.

What subjects are you taking?

(If everything goes to plan) English Literature, Psychology, Biology, Core Maths (enrichment) and I’m really considering taking English Language as a fourth subject.

What is your favourite subject?

At GCSE it was Sociology but at ALevel it will most likely be English Literature.

What is your least favourite subject?

At GCSE it was definitely Physics and ICT – I just couldn’t stomach them at all. At ALevel I am hoping I don’t dislike any of my subjects but I think I’m going to find Biology the hardest to engage with.

What is your schedule like?

Registration, period one, period two, break, period three, period four, tutor time, lunch, period five and period six.

Do you do extra-curricular activities?

I am in String Orchestra but that’s it.

What is your favourite thing about your school?

The music opportunities are incredible because we specialise in music. I like the way as I got older and into my GCSEs I wasn’t treated like a child as much and was trusted with my own learning a lot more.

Tips on how to survive a boring lesson.

Don’t clock watch, it makes it go so much slower. Just get the work done and make sure you’re making the relevant notes – no one can ask anymore really.

When did you start wearing makeup to school?

Year 8 (I think that’s 7th grade in the US)

Where do you like going shopping for Back to School supplies?

Tesco’s, Sainsbury’s and The Works and the three main places I went this year and found most things I need and the stuff in Sainsbury’s, particularly, is really nice this year.

What are three non-beauty essentials you carry in your bag?

Mints, Water and Paper.

What are your school related goals?

To remained full focused all year and pay more attention to what I’m doing and not others around me. I also really want to engage fully with all my subjects and complete all the work I can so I can achieve as highly as possible.

What do you want to do when you graduate?

I have no idea which sort of scares me.

How do you balance school, family, friends and your internet life?

My internet life is the least important out of these; when I go back I’ll hopefully have loads of pre-written blog posts and fanfiction chapters. I see the majority of my friends at school but if not I try to catch up with them at least once a month. I set a Sunday aside (apart from work) to visit my family and then I try and complete any work set at school the night it was set to stop it from building up.


If you do this tag or have done it already let me know, I’d love to read more!


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