Review: Sanctuary Spa

I got kindly gifted this Sanctuary Spa set about a month ago and have used everything in it a few times so I thought I’d do a brief review and just say what I think about the products.

Firstly, I love the scent of this collection. It’s so fresh get luxurious and I really like the subtleness and softness of the scent.

I also really like the bag the products come in, it has the most beautiful colours and butterfly pattern one it. I also like the way you can fold it over or have it all unfolded which will make it perfect for travelling.

The shower gel has little beads in it that contain oils, they burst on your skin and leaves it feeling so soft. The gel doesn’t lather up and create many bubbles (on my skin), it just glides over your skin and really adds moisture to it, which personally I love. The smell of it lasts all day which I love so much because most shower gels don’t smell of anything once you get out the shower. Also, a little goes such a long way so hopefully this bottle is going to last me a while! It is a little bit more pricy for a shower gel but I’d say that it’s definitely worth it.

The body scrub is another product where you really don’t need much, a little really does go a long way. At first I wasn’t sure if I liked this but after a few uses I fell in love with it. My skin is so dry and any scrub usually leaves it red but this is so gentle that it leaves no marks on my skin. It takes away all the dead skin and leaves my skin feeling so soft and healthy. Again, this is a bit more pricy but it’s definitely worth it if, like me, your dry, sensitive skin makes using scrubs hard.

Honestly, body butters aren’t really my thing unless I’m on holiday; I just find them really heavy and sticky but I still gave this one a go. The smell of this is my favourite, it’s the same scent as the other products but there’s something about this scent as a cream that is so nice. This body butter is so much better than any others I’ve used (apart from Soap&Glory), it contains less oil so it’s not as greasy on the skin and feels so smooth. It sinks into the skin fairly quickly and leaves a really light scent and moisturised skin for the whole day.

The final product is the body lotion and I love this so much. It’s so light on the skin and doesn’t feel sticky at all. It sinks in so, so quickly and you only need the smallest amount; the smell lasts ages as does the moisture that this product contains. For me, this is such a good everyday body lotion and I would definitely recommend it for everyone.
   You can buy this giftset here or the individual products here.
I’m running out of blog ideas at the moment so feel free to leave any suggestions in the comments.



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