School Makeup Look

Every school/college is different when it comes to makeup; personally my school doesn’t have any rules regarding makeup so I just wear my everyday makeup. However, I know some schools have rules and most people are on a budget so I’ve created a natural and affordable look. (I’ll include links and prices for all products where I can).

I’d definitely recommend this primer for school as it also acts as a moisturiser and will save a lot of time. I really like this. It retails at around £4.99.

This concealer is my favourite; it’s so creamy and the coverage is so good. It blends so easily and works on imperfections and under the eyes. It retails at £4.19.

For powder I couldn’t choose between these two. The one from Collection is so good at reducing shine and setting your makeup for the day. It retails at £1.99. 

The one from Miss Sporty is so good if your skin is slightly red, it gives a matte finish at helps to reduce redness. It retails at £2.99.

Some schools might be picky about this but, this highlighter from MUA is so good. The pigment is amazing and it looks so glowy and natural on the skin. It retails at £3.00.

Again, some schools might be picky but this bronzer is so affordable and so lovely. It adds a nice sun-kissed look and blends really nicely. It’s quite subtle on the skin but still adds a bit of something. It retails at £2.99.

For eyeshadow I would definitely recommend this eyeshadow palette from Collection. It has so many neutral shades that are so lovely to work with. They have good pigment and blend so nicely. The palette retails at £3.99. and there’s a few different versions. 

For school I always go for a waterproof mascara because it just stays on for longer and looks a lot better. This one curls your lashes and just makes them look so much, it doesn’t go clumpy and just looked really nice. It’s quite easy to build as well so you could go for a little or a lot. It retails for £7.99.

I picked out three natural lip colours that would be good for school. My favourite is the one from Seventeen, it’s quite sheer but gives a good nude sheen to the lips. I also love the feel of this on your lips. It retails at £4.99 but at the moment they’re £2!

The more pricy one is from Rimmel – it’s part of the Kate Moss nude range and I love it. It’s such a nice nude that just glides onto the lips so nicely. I love the colour and it lasts quite a long time. It retails at £5.49.

The final one is from MUA, it’s a darker nude colour but would still be perfect for school. It’s really creamy and has good pigment. It doesn’t last that long but retails at only £1.


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