What’s In My School Bag?

My school bag is from New Look and I’m so happy with it; it’s grey and black, the only down side is it doesn’t have a shoulder strap so I might struggle on days where I have multiple bags. It has zips at both sides that give you more space in your bag when you unzip them which is my favourite part. The bag is the perfect size for everyday use but on the days were I have more folders or books I can make the bag bigger.
In the front pocket I have my phone which I couldn’t take a photo of because I use it to take photos. Then I just keep my Rescue Remedy spray so I can reach it easily if I ever need it at school.

The first thing I have in the main part is just my calculator, pretty self-explanatory really. I’m going to be taking Core Maths and Biology so I’ll be needing this. If you need a new scientific calculator I’d definitely recommend the Casio one, I’ve had this for two years and it’s still fine.

Then I have my pencil case which is just the one I got when I saw Diversity. I liked it because it’s pretty plain and because it’s black you won’t be able to see if any pens or highlighters leak. The material is also really nice.

Then I have a packet of mints just because I don’t like chewing gum really and these are really nice. I always have at least one packet on me, or maybe three.

I then have my beauty bag thing which is from Primark. I just keep beauty things in here that I might need at school. It has deodorant, perfume, body spray, lip balm, hand gel, hand cream, tissues, a nail file, paracetamol and some powder. It seems excessive but I do actually use all of this, especially things like hand gel.

I keep a book in my bag, when I go back it’ll probably be a classic novel but at the moment I’m reading ‘We Were Liars’.

I have a refill pad for each of my ALevel choices; this will probably be replaced with the actual notebooks I have and textbooks just depending on the subjects I have each day.

This is one of my folders and I’ll probably keep most of them in my locker or at home. But, again, I’ll only take the folders I need for each day depending on what I’m doing.

I decided to get my own planner this year instead of using the one the school gives us because I’m unsure if I get one this year and I just wanted one I’d picked to persuade me to make more use of it. This is just from Amazon and was so cheap.

Then finally I have my water bottle which is from ‘Bobble’, I’d definitely recommend these bottles as they have a filter and are a good size. Then I have my lunch box (ignore the cookie currently in it) which is just a plastic tub from a supermarket last year (I can’t remember which one).


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