sixth form/college outfits

This post has really bad quality photos and I couldn’t work out the best way to write it so I apologise in advance.

For sixth form I haven’t really purchased many new clothes because some of my clothes I already had were suitable. I’ve got a few new ones and I’ve tried to link as much as possible.

My school has a ‘smart-casual’ dress code for sixth form but they’re not that strict about what we wear so I went for more casual outfits that are still presentable and suitable for school.


I got this kaki green top from Primark at the beginning of summer, it’s a sheer material at the back then the front is more of a suede sort of material. It’s so lightweight and I love it with black jeans.

This top is also from Primark (you’ll notice a pattern), it’s Harry Potter because I’m absolute trash. It comes down to around my mid-thigh and flows really nicely. It’s a very subtle Harry Potter reference and I really love the design. It goes well with black and light blue jeans.

I got this in the Next sale during the summer and it’s a burgundy colour. I wear it with a black vest top underneath; it’s a thin material with holes in and ¾ length sleeves. I really liked this when I first got it but now I’m not sure. It flows really nicely on my top half but it’s quite clingy round the hips.

This is one of my favourite tops; it’s from the teens range at New Look a few years ago. It’s a dark purple/pink sort of colour and the sleeve length is so nice and it just fits so well.

This jumper is from Primark and is one of the comfiest things I’ve ever worn. The colour is so nice and it has a loose fit for the body and is a little bit tighter round the arms. I’d recommend getting this in the size down because it’s quite long in the body and the arms.

This top, again, is from Primark and I really like the design, you can get it in loads more colours as well. It fits really nicely in the body and goes so nicely with black jeans; the sleeves are quite short so I’d maybe get this in the size up if I were to get another colour (which I think I might).

This is from the New Look men’s section and is so comfy, it’s just such a simple top but it looks quite nice. I sometimes prefer the men’s section just because it fits a bit more loosely on the top and round the waist. This top is a little bit see through so I just wear a vest top underneath.

This is my favourite jumper, it’s from H&M and you can get it here. It’s so comfy and sits so nicely when it’s on. It has slight slits at the side which come up to around the top of my jeans. It’s just so comfortable and easy to wear.

I got this in the New Look sale a few weeks ago. The zip detailing you can see is on the back and I really like it. The jumper has quite a loose fit and is really soft on the inside.


I definitely need to get more of these so if you know of any nice ones please let me know.

I got this black on from Primark because it’ll just go with everything. It’s got a really soft inside and is so comfy. It’s slightly on the thin side but it should be fine for school or till I can find a thicker one.

This one is from H&M a few years ago, it’s heavier than the other one which I like but it only goes with certain outfits. I really like the inside of this because it keeps me so warm in the winter months.


I have black highwaisted jeans from both New Look and Primark. 

These are from New Look. They’re highwaisted with three buttons. 

These ones are from Primark, I don’t like the frayed bottoms so I just roll them up but apart from that they’re really comfortable and I love the colour.


My black converse will probably be the shoes I wear the most. I just find these so comfortable and they go with so many outfits. You can get a pair here.

I got these shoes from the Coachella range at H&M this summer. They’re quite a think canvas material and I really like these.

I probably won’t wear these much at school but I really like them. They’re from Primark and are just some black sandal things. They help to make an outfit look that bit smarter and I really like them.

These were my brother’s but they don’t fit anymore so I’m not sure where he got them or anything. They’re really comfortable and nice to wear. 

If you’re clothes shopping for sixth form or college I’d definitely recommend looking in New Look, Primark, H&M and Matalan.


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