Back to School : Stationary Haul

Back to school is always made more bearable with stationary shopping and, as the same as every year, I probably got way too much. I’d definitely recommend Sainsbury’s, Tesco’s and The Works if you still need a few bits. 

I got my pencil case when I saw Diversity this summer purely because of the colour. I really wanted a black one because then if pens or highlighters leak you can’t see it. The material is also quite thick and it just seems like it’s going to last a long time. 

I then got the same pens that I aways get. They’re like £1.20 from Tesco’s and I struggle to write with anything else. The grip is so good and they just write really nicely. I also got a pack of coloured pens which are exactly the same just coloured. I got them just for notes and stuff but I threw the packet out before I decided to do this post, whoops. 

I then got this five pack of BIC highlighters just to brighten up important notes or for books in English Literature. I got these ones because they have a good grip on them which just means they won’t slip when I’m trying to highlight things. 

Then I got this mini stapler which I doubt I’ll use that much but you never know. It was on my equipment list and became an inside joke so I just thought I’d get one. It’ll be good for keep related notes together. 

I don’t usually buy glue because school always have some but these were on such a good offer so I picked them up in Tesco’s. I don’t know how much I’ll use glue in my ALevels but it might come in handy.

This desk tidy is from poundland and I just thought it was quite a gimmick. Last year I was forever taking my pencil case out my bag to work at home then forgetting to put it back in. I’m hoping this desk tidy will stop be from doing this during this year. 

Also to help with my tidiness and organisation I got these magazine stand things from Ikea. There were 5 in a pack so I’m planning on keep 3 at home and 2 in my locker. This should just help keep everything together and organised. 

I then got this pack of polly pockets or plastic wallets (whatever you call them) from ebay. I just got these because my paper aways rips in folders so I just thought getting these would make things easier. 

From Tesco’s I got these subject dividers for my folders to separate different topics etc. These are so cheap and really good – they lasted all throughout my GCSEs.

Eventually I’ll need 6 lever arch folders but for the moment I just got 4. The top two are from Sainsbury’s and the bottom two are from Tesco’s. 

I love the refill pads from Tesco’s because they’re so cheap but still good quality. I got one for each of my subjects so I can easily get paper out and into my folders. 

I then got these notebooks from The Works and I love them so much. I got one for each subject and made them match my subjects. You should guess which notebook is for which subject in the comments!

Finally, I got myself my own academic planner from Amazon. The school usually provide us with one I just thought getting my own would make me want to use it more. I prefer the layout of this one as well.  


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