Night Before School

I find the night before going back to school quite a stressful/nervous one so I like to try and have a very organised and relaxing evening. I go back on Monday so this is what I’ll do on Sunday evening. I think it’s just good to really relax the night before I go back to school because it helps me to sleep easier and just relax really.

First when I get home, I’ll just double check my bag to make sure I’ve got everything that I’ll need. Honestly, I’m not sure what’s happening on Monday but I know I have finalise my subjects and choose my enrichments. I’ve just put my exam results and then four pieces of summer work in my bag; I didn’t want to put three then not be able to do a subject and be stuck. Then I just have my glasses, planner, notebook etc. I will just double check this so that I’m not panicking or rushing in the morning. You can read my full what’s in my bag here.

After I’ve done that I’ll probably just go and do my skin care routine. I don’t usually do a facemask on a Sunday but I will tomorrow just to thoroughly cleanse my skin. This might also help to relax me more. You can read about my skincare routine here.

Then I need to sort out my lunch for the next day. I’ll just put all the dry stuff in my lunch box (like crisps and pitta bread etc) and the stuff that needs to be in the fridge I’ll just put in boxes and then put back on the fridge (grapes, cucumber etc). I do this every day just because it saves time and stress in the morning.

After that I’ll just put my travel mug next to the kettle so I’m not looking for it in the morning. I always take tea with me on the bus so I have quite a few of these but the one in the photo is from Primark.

Then I’ll go for a shower, I always wash my hair on a Sunday night, it’s just when my hair washing day falls. So once I’ve washed my hair I’ll dry it properly and use my uniqone from Revlon. Then after my shower I’ll use a moisturiser just to make sure my skin is well looked after. I will probably use this one I’ve been loving from Sanctuary Spa; you can read my full review of it here. I will then just probably watch some Youtube videos for a while.

At 21:00 Victoria is on ITV1 and I’ve been loving this show recently; so after spraying this Sanctuary Spa room spray which I find so relaxing, I’ll just get into bed and watch this. This show finished at around 22:00, I think, so after that I’ll just read my book for a while. The blue light from the tele keeps you awake so reading a book is good to do just before you go to sleep. I’m reading We Were Liars at the moment and I’m really enjoying it.

I usually aim to go to bed between 22:30 and 23:00 when I’m at school just to try and get as much sleep as possible.

Just a quick note that from now posts on this blog will be every Friday or Saturday and posts on My Trending Stories (follow me here. will be on a Monday and a Friday just because I’m back at school and working.


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