My Evening Routine 

So I’m finally writing this post, I took the photos about a month ago but just never got round to it. 

This is my evening routine for a weekday (so when I have school the next day).

When I first get in I just take all my folders etc out of my bag and just hole punch anything that needs putting in folders and sort it all out. 

Then I get a drink (usually Dr Pepper) and look in my planner to see what work I have to do and then just do the work. I usually try not to work later than 8pm but sometimes this doesn’t happen depending who’s house I’m at or what’s on the TV etc. 

Then I just pack my bag for the next day so it’s all ready and make my lunch. I just find this saves so much time in the morning and makes them less of a rush. 

Then I’ll usually have a shower before watching TV (this was a Tuesday thought so I showered after Holby). I just wash my hair with the Tresseme moisture shampoo and conditioner then at the moment I’m using a Body Shop shower gel and a Sanctuary Spa scrub (review). Then, obviously, I just get dressed for bed and do my skincare.

Then I’ll just watch the tele, tonight was Holby but the shows are usually 9pm ones so when they’re finished I’ll read my book for around half an hour and then go to bed. I like to read a light and easy book before bed instead of a heavy Literature one like the ones I read usually. At the moment I’m working through the Scott and Bailey books and I’d definitely recommend them if you love the TV series. 

Thank you for reading, like this post if you want to see a morning routine!


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