Some New Things 

These are just a few items I’ve purchased in the past month or so that I thought I’d share with you all. 

This is like a balm cleanser type thing from The Body Shop and I’m in love. You barley need any and it just makes your make up glide off and is so gentle on the skin. £10. 
After loosing my favourite highlighter I decided to get this palette (Sleek Solstice) and it’s beautiful. I use every shade and they’re so pigmented and photograph really well. £9.99. 

I get really bad under eye circles and finally decided to buy something to help them. This is is so cooling and I’d definitely recommend. £4.99 (on offer at £2.45 currently at Superdrug).

I really wanted a lighter liquid lipstick so I got this one in Tranquility from MUA and I’m in love. It applies so nicely and the shade is just incredible. It’s not drying at all and I love it. £3.

I lost my clear mascara so replaced it with this one from Collection and I have been loving using it both on my eyebrows and my lashes. £1.99.

Again, I lost two makeup brushes so got the Makeup Revolution ones to replaces them; I got the face contour and eye contour ones. They’re so soft and and I’m really enjoying them. Face – £3.49 Eye – £1.99. 

Thank you for reading – my next post will be October Favourites but after that do you want to see a lipstick collection or a morning routine? Let me know in the comments or on my Twitter poll (@KeepWalking_T)


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