(a very breif) ocotber favourites 

Bleed Like Me:
If you love Scott and Bailey then you HAVE to read the books. It’s literally like an episode in the books and I loved it so much. The characters are written perfectly and the storyline is so gripping. 

Girl on the Train:

Best film I’ve seen all year. Emily Blunt is beyond phenomenal and I could watch it again and again and again. If you love crime/mystery then this is the perfect film for you. Best two hours of my October. 

The Fall:

Gillian Anderson. That is all. 


Ahh I love this show so much, it’s such an easy watch in the week and I’ll miss it so much. This series was so good and I couldn’t be happier with the winner. 


October saw Amanda Mealing’s directing debut and I loved it; I couldn’t be happier for her and everything she has achieved.

The Apprentice:

It’s back and I’m so happy. The show makes me laugh so much and is just so easy to watch. I don’t really have an out there favourite this year but I think there’s a few that could win it. 


If this is still on iplayer then definitely give it a watch. I loved seeing the true nature of the ambulance service and it’s definitely eye opening and worth the watch.  


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