16 things I learnt whilst being 16

I turn 17 in a matter of hours so I thought I’d take some time to reflect on my time as a 16 year old.

1. Success is personal and comparison to others is pointless. 

2. I can and I will.

3. My mental health comes before academic achievements – if I have to not revise for a day because of my mental health that is perfectly okay.

4. I am independent but it’s okay to ask for help if I need it. I don’t need to struggle alone. 

5. It’s okay to feel overwhelmed and lost when big changes happen.

6. “we all have bad days now and then, it’s how we respond that matters.”

7. Appreciate the effort people put into helping you. 

8. If you’re not happy about something, tell someone or do something about it.

9. Not everyone is out to stab you in the back, people are nicer than you think and most of them just want to help. 

10. Sometimes being disappointed is a good thing, it makes you work hard and do better the next time.

11. Don’t change your opinion to suit society or anyone else; your opinions and beliefs make you who you are. 

12. Work hard for everything, if you work hard then nobody can doubt you.

13. Trust people. 

14. Let go, have fun and be free.

15. It’s okay to not like and enjoy everything, you don’t have to be mainstream – love what you want to love. 

16. Don’t let others opinions of you change your opinion of yourself. 


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