What I Got For Christmas 2016

I did a poll on Twitter and the out come was that over 80% wanted this post – I am not trying to brag and I could not be more grateful for everything I received.  

First from my Dad I got a few little bits that he knows I like and then I had to go on a hunt around the house with clues for my main present. 

He got me Little Mix tickets and I am so, so happy. They’re my favourite band and I can not wait to see them. 

My Great Auntie (my Mum chose it) got me the Morphe 35K palette and omg it’s beautiful. 

My friends got me the most beautiful and thoughtful gifts. I am so grateful for all of them.

I got this lovely Ted Baker set from the girls I babysit (their Mum, lol) and I love it.

My Mum’s brother and sister got me some things of my wishlist which I am so happy with. 

Basically my brother is a babe. 

My Gran and Gramps got me some dollars because I’m going to New York and I am so grateful.

My Dad’s sides of the family got me some lovely gifts and I am so grateful. 

My Mum got me a grey coat from New Look which was my main present and then these were the bits in my stocking which I was not expecting at all.

I also got money from my Nannie.

I hope you enjoyed this post and I hope you had a lovely Christmas!c


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