What I Got For My Birthday 2016!

I am not trying to brag at all with this post, they’re some of my favourites and I thought I’d do one. 

I got driving lessons from the vast majority of people; I am so excited to start learning to drive and am so grateful to everyone who got me lessons. 

I cried, a lot. I am so grateful for this and was not expecting it at all. I will be looking forward to this all year!

I asked Rosie for a new powder brush and she, very unexpectedly, got me this beautiful set from Spectrum. I see these all over Instagram and they’re beautiful and so, so soft. I can’t wait to start using them.

Emma got me this beautiful palette from NYX, I used it today and the shadows are so pigmented and easy to blend. I love it. 

Beth got me a  MAC lipstick in Brave which is such a beautiful shade. She also got me a palette that she chose the colours for and I love it. 

Ash got me this palette and I’m so, so excited to try this. 

Immie got me some mints and Dr Pepper (she knows). She then got me these post its that I can put in the front of a folder and these lovely notepads. 

My brother knows the bathroom always smells of this around Christmas (he loves it really) so he got me a bottle of Snow Fairy.

Lucy got me the most beautiful rings from Topshop along with some lovely socks. 

Gemma got me a box of Maltesers because we always eat them at work and this lovely body set. 

Katie got me a gift voucher and this mug. It says “you’ll always be my bestfriend” on the other side and I love it. 

My Mum’s bestfriend got me some pencils with rubbers (long story) and this beautiful liquid lipstick. 

Irene got me some Maltesers (seems like people at work know Gemma and I’s secret) and this mirror which is going to be perfect for travelling. 


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