Eye Makeup – New Year’s Eve

NYE is tomorrow so I thought I’d create an eye look that would be simple to do tomorrow night.

Would just like to say that the only makeup experience I have is on myself and I know this isn’t perfect. 

I began the look by using the eye primer from Avon – any primer will do just to ensure the eyeshadow stays on all evening. 

I used the NYX warm neutrals palette for this look – you can get these in some Boots stores or on Boots.com. 

First of all I used this light brown colour to use as a transition shade. I juat blended it into my crease and slightly above and below it. 

Then I used this burgundy shade on the outer half of my eye, I just put this all over then blended it out slightly. 

Then on the very outer corner of my eye I used this shimmery burgundy shade. I just packed this onto the very outer corner then blended it slightly. 


In the midde of my eye I used this shimmery champagne colour, I just packed this closely to the middle of my eye near my lash line. 

Then in my inner corner I used this shimmery white/cream shade to brighten up my eyes. 

As it’s NYE you might want to add something extra. I added a tiny bit of this Barry M glitter dust to my inner corners. 

I then went back in with the shimmery burgundy under neath my eyes and blended it out. 

Then did my usual mascara routine on my lashes and concealed any fallout from the eyeshadow. 

I hope everyone has an incredibly NYE!  


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