2016 Beauty Favourites 

Bit of admin first (sorry) I have updated my pages with my contact and blog information so feel free to check that out if you are wishing to contact/interact with me. 

These are a few of my beauty favourites from throughout 2016 -comment your top 3 as I’d love to try them!

This is the pink MUA highlighter (not sure on the exact shade) I really didn’t like this at first but once you’ve got over the top layer it’s so good. It’s not too intense but adds a lovely glow and for £3 it’s a bargain. 

Will never, ever use another powder again. This is incredibly and so affordable. It adds a light bit of coverage and just keeps your makeup so matte. I just love this powder and I think it looks so good on your skin. 

This foundation gives just the right amount of coverage and sits so nicely on the skin. I really like the look of this and it’s just a lovely foundation. 

I got this purely because everyone was hyping about it and then I too fell in love with it. I prefer the waterprof version personally and it doesn’t budge. It makes your lashes lift and just look so nice. 
MAC Velvet Teddy was the only lipstick I wore for about 3 months straight. It’s such a lovely colour and doesn’t dry out your lips at all. I love this so much andwill definitely repurchase when it runs out. 

This Kate Moss nude in 42 is the perfect nude. It sits so nicely on the skin and is just a lovely everyday colour. 
As you cane see I really love the eyes uncovered palette from Collection. I use all the colours and they’re all beautiful. They blend so, so nicely and stay on all day. 

I hope you enjoyed this post, don’t forget to comment your top 3 favourites of 2016! 


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