January “Sales” Shopping 2017

I use the word “sales” lightly because we all know that most of this wasn’t in the sale. I’ll start with the sale things first the move onto the other bits.

Shoutout to Beth for grabbing these for me when she saw them on offer. I love the Tresemme shampoos for dry hair so can not wait to try this one. 

(Apart from Skyfall) this is my favourite James Bond film so when I saw the DVD in the HMV sale I had to grab it. 

My Mum got this in the sale and was saying how good it was. I smelt it when I went into the shop and had to get it. It was only £2 and I had always wanted to try one of their lipbalms. 
Kiko’s sales are my favourite. I got this smart shadow in 02 for an inner corner highlight. I am pretty sure it was on half price and it is so pigmented I can not wait to try it. 
49p. 49p. I love the ‘I love…’ Products so much, they are such good quality so I couldn’t not pick this up. 

I just decided to try this out because for 50p if I hate it I am not overly bothered. My Clinique moisturiser is pretty much finished and I don’t want to pay £34 so I am trying to find some altetnatives. 


This was 50p in the Boots clearance and is such a me colour. It’s in the shade 04 and I love it. 

Now onto non sale stuff which was hurt my bank a lot more😅

I’m getting quadruple points in Superdrug for my birthday at the minute to I decided to go in.  (The garnier was half price in my defence). I needed a new sponge because I have had mine for around 4 months now and it’s getting quite ew. Needed hairbands because I literally couldn’t find any in my whole room. I have wanted the gold highlighter from MUA for months and months and although I really didn’t need it I just decided to get it. The Nivea box is a night gel cream which I thought I would try – it was on half price and looked really good. 
Pretty basic really. Needed some new coloured pens. 
Modesty by MAC is such a beautiful colour and I have wanted to get a new one for the longest time so I just did it. It is such an easy colour to wear and I know I love it. 
I have always wanted to try this bathbomb but have never got it so I just thought I’d get it to try and it smells so good.   

I am still so unsure about this top. It’s from H&M and is just a ribbed grey top. I am in love with the sleeve length which is the main reason I got it and I will hopefully love it. 
The picture is not doing this justice, I am in love with it. It is from Topshop and is just a green top with a freyed hem, sleeves and neckline. The material is so thick and I am just so excited to wear this. 

This picture is so bad, I am sorry. I finally got a pair of black ripped jeans. I have wanted these for ages and I got the New Look ones which have a few rips in each leg. I can not wait to start wearing these. 

I hope you enjoyed this post, comment the place you think had the best January sale this year – personally I’d say Superdrug.  


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