Morning Routine 2017

I have been planning this post for ages but the morning is always such a rush to be honest but, I finally did it so here you go!

First of all I go and fill my water bottle up and take my vitamins just because I’d forget otherwise. 

I then get some breakfast (literally never but oh well) and I actually really like these it’s like a toasted fruit bread thing. Honestly, I’m really not a breakfast fan but I do want to start trying to eat it atleast twice a week. 

Then I go back upstairs and pick out the skincare bits I’m going to use (updated skincare coming soon) and then use them. I don’t do a lot of skincare in the morning because I never really have time.
Then I get dressed. I was literally only going to my driving lesson and my Dad’s on this day so I just chucked an oversized jumper and jeans on. 

Usually finished my food by now so I go and brush my teeth. 

Then I do my hair and my makeup for the day. Comment if you do hair or makeup first because it caused quite the debate in our friendship group. 

I then pick a perfume to wear and just put on my watch and two rings. 

Before I leave my room I like to spray it so it smells nice later on in the day. 

I then go downstairs and make a cup of tea in a mug or travelflask dependent on if I have school and just get on with my day. 
I hope you enjoyed! Don’t forget to comment whether you do your hair or makeup first! Also follow me on Instagram (@ifyouseejaz) because I’m starting to use it more!


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