Current Go To Makeup

I’ve been wearing this makeup all the time recently; if you want to see the finished look in full then go and check out my post recent Instagram post (@ifyouseejaz)
First I prime my face using this spray, I like this just because it’s so quick and easy. 

I then apply my foundation. I use the Super Stay 24 mixed with lightening drops. I love this so much, it’s so easy to blend. 

I then conceal any redness, blemishes. I feel like Lasting Perfection will always be my favourite. 

To bake I use the loose powder and then the pressed version for the rest of my face. I love this powder and would 100% recommend.

I use these all the time so I won’t go on. They’re amazing, everyone makeup lover needs them. 

To prime my eyes I always use the Avon eye primer, I’ve never used any others so I have nothing to compare it to but I love this one. 

I’ve been loving my NYX warm neutrals palette. I tried to number the shadows but it kind of failed. 

1 – I pack this colour into my inner corner and slightly in my crease. 

2 – I mix these two and blend them all over my lid. 

3 – I use this in the centre of my eyelid. 

4 – I then blend this into the outer corner and sligtly under my eye. 

5 – I then use this in my inner corner. 

This eyeliner is from Collection but all the name has rubbed off. It’s such a nice balck and applies well to the waterline. 

I love mascara a lot. I use a clear one, a brown one and then two black ones. Clear is Collection, brown is Avon, blacks are Maybelline and Avon.

I then have been loving this browny lip liner from Primark paired with the Rimmel Kate Moss nude in 42. 
As I said check out my Instagram for the finished look (@ifyouseejaz) and comment your favourite concealers  


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