favourite TV shows at the minute?

definitely Broadchurch, I’m so sad it’s the last episode on Monday, Line of Duty and Casualty. 

would you ever get a tattoo?

100%. I really want to get it as soon as I turn 18; I’ve already decided on one and I’m in love with it. 

Psychology revision techniques?

I’m going to do a post on this soon. Personally I write it all on cue cards, do essay plans, have a notebook for each topic and make like a mini textbook and just practice the question style and applying knowledge.

which of your subjects had the biggest jump from GCSE to ALevel?

definitely English Literature, there’s just so much more to the analysis and context.

what is your snapchat?


Favourite brand for lipstick?


how do you balance having a job and school work?

I try and do all my school work in the week so I’m not panicking over the weekend and I don’t do a lot of overtime if I know I need to do lots of school work. 

do you have any AS exams this year?


are you learning to drive?

yes, I passed my theory this week and hopefully doing my practical in the next few months. 

Favourite brand for nail varnish?

Avon or Miss Sporty. 


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