Summer Nails

As we’ve now got the better weather I thought I’d actually write this post instead of collecting pictures for it. I paint my nails all year round but I know so many people that only choose to in the summer. Nails are something that can be adventurous in the summer and really stand out. I’ve picked out a few colours in my collection that I really enjoy wearing in the summer time.

Miss Sporty don’t have names for their shades but they do quite a few pastel colours that I really like. This one is sort of a blue/purple and looks so good – it lasts for about five days and has a nice shine to it plus they’re such a good price. You can buy it here.

This nail varnish isn’t mine but I borrowed it from a friend and fell in love. It’s slightly more expensive as it’s from Urban Outfitters but I’d definitely pay the money for it. It gives such a good holographic shine under any form of light and without light looks so lovely and glittery, I took this off after about a week but it would have probably lasted longer. You can buy it here.

Cliché have some lovely colours available and the formula is so good. I love this green because it has gold undertones which make it perfect for the summer. It has a slight glitter to it and I love this one under the daylight. You can get it here.

I love the Avon gel finish collection and all the brighter colours are perfect for the summer. The colours are so bold and opaque which I love and they honestly look like gel. They last for about a week and I just love this range of nail varnishes so much in the summer. You can get them in the Avon catalogue.

The Barry M gelly collection is another one that is great in the summer and give the gel nail look. This colour is in the shade Sugar Apple and looks so good in the summer as it has that pastel feel to it. On top I use the opal top coat from Avon which looked so nice, it gave a shine and sort of looked like a mermaid’s tail (maybe)? This lasted a week and I loved it so much. You can get the Barry M one here.

Champneys is a little pricier but the quality of the product definitely reflects the price. The shades don’t have names but I used the pale pink one. This gave a really nice sheen to the nails with a slight bit of colour. The only thing I would say is that I needed three coats but the end result looked so nice. I’ve currently had this on for a week and it’s still completely fine which I’m so impressed with. You can buy it here.

In the summer I love using this gel coat from Avon, it gives the gel look to any nail varnish and the shine is perfect for the summer time. I was so sceptical about this but it really works and I’ve been loving using it with every nail varnish I’ve worn to give that extra summer look.


The Power Of Makeup

I’ve seen lots of people on YouTube do this video over the past couple of months and I’ve really enjoyed watching them; it got me thinking about the difference makeup makes to the way I look so I tried it out. The difference was incredible and although it wasn’t as big of a difference than some people I was still surprised and till I tried this I never realised the massive difference makeup makes to my appearance. This then got me thinking about why I wear makeup and why I want to use its power.

Primarily I wear makeup for myself and to make myself feel better which is a habit I’m desperate to grow out of; I started wearing it to cover things about my face I’m uncomfortable with for my own benefit not anybody else’s. As I’ve grown up I’ve learnt that everyone gets the odd spot now and again or the odd patch of redness or dry skin but I still make the choice to wear makeup.

I think makeup has the power to accentuate areas of your face you like and want to be seen; I enjoy contouring because my Mum was kind enough to pass on her half decent cheek bones and contouring brings them out. I also often line my waterline because it brings out the colour of my eyes more. Makeup has the power to make your features stand out.

But it also has the power to hide things you might not be so comfortable with; I’m all for embracing your imperfections and being proud of the person you are but then again I don’t feel there’s anything wrong with wanting to hide the bags form lack of sleep or the odd spot that has chosen to make an appearance. I know I use a heavier concealer on my chin because of the scars left from spots that I want to hide to achieve an even skin tone. I also use three mascaras and curl my eyelashes as they’re naturally so short. I love that makeup can have the power to take things you’re not so happy with and make them better.

I strongly believe in embracing your imperfections and learning to love them and I really think this is so important. You don’t need to cover the spot on your chin or the bags under your eyes but if you choose to and you want to, that is totally okay. Make up has the power to be whatever you want it to be. It is an art, something you can experiment with and have fun with; perhaps something that can relax you or be your thirty minutes of you time a day.

I don’t wear makeup every single day and I feel okay without it; I’m beyond glad I’ve broken out of the habit of not leaving the house without it if I’m only popping next door. For me, makeup gives me confidence, it makes me feel happier about the way I look and the way I’m presenting myself to other people.

I enjoy makeup, I find it fun and I suppose collecting and experimenting with it has become a hobby – applying it in the morning can be something to look forward to or spending time on it when you’re going out somewhere special. I enjoy the vast amounts of shades available and the different formulas lipsticks come in. I think makeup has been something that has enticed me.

Makeup is powerful in so many different ways.

Travel Beauty Bags

When I go away I usually take three bags with makeup/beauty items in; this seems excessive but having one in my hand luggage and then my makeup separate from other bits is really useful. 
Hand Luggage:

In my hand luggage I just take a few bits that might be useful or essential during the journey. 

First I have essential things; a packet of tissues is so useful because you never know what they could come in handy for even if you don’t need them someone’s bound to. I also just make sure I have a few sanitary items on me because you can never be too careful, again even if you don’t end up needing them someone else might. 

Next in my hand luggage I just take some deodorant be travelling can be stressful and airports or train stations can get quite hot. I also then take some body spray for the same reason really and then perfume in my “travalo” incase we end up in a restaurant whilst waiting or something. 

I have some hand cream just incase I eat something with my hands or if my hands get dry or anything. I then have some hand gel in case I touch something sticky or the hand dryers aren’t that good.

The last thing in my hand luggage is my rescue remedy spray, airports or stations can get so busy and having this on me is just a assurance. Also, I’m going on the Eurostar this year and trains are one of my biggest fears so this really helps me.  

Beauty Bag:
I put my beauty bag in my main suitcase and it just basically contains everything beauty that isn’t makeup. 
First I have some plasters because walking around can cause blisters and I’m so clumsy so they’re always good to have. I also have some paracetamol just incase of a headache or anything; I usually take these because I can use them for a headache, an allergy or jaw pain and it works for all of them. 

Next I just have all my skincare. I have a mini cleansing water and some cotton pads to remove my makeup. I then have some spot gel which is honesty a miracle worker. I then have a mini scrub and just a normal size cleanser; both of these are really quick and work really well. I then have a moisturiser because the sun tends to dry out my skin so this light cream works so well and then I have my blistex lip balm because it’s the only thing I can find that works on my lips and actually makes a difference. 

For my hair I usually use litre bottles of shampoo and conditioner but obviously I don’t want to pack them. I got these 250ml bottles from Avon and I think I’ve had before; it’s a frizz control one which hopefully will be good because of the heat. I’m then taking my Revlon UniqOne because this saved my hair; I know you can get travel sized bottles and should’ve probably invested in one but this is so good I don’t mind it taking up some room. 

I take shower gel minis because you don’t have to bring them back with you. I love this scent in the summer because it’s so clean and fresh; I’m taking more than one because within four days I’ll probably use a few. I’m take a body butter rather than a thinner cream because my skin will probably get dry in the sun or in the pool with the chlorine and this leaves my skins really moisturised.

I’m taking a big bottle of deodorant because it’s going to be warm and stuffy so it’ll just be better to have a bigger bottle. Also, I’ll probably have outfit changes within the day and use this. I also then have a mini body spray because this is light for everyday use just whilst we’re out and about and it’s a scent that can be worn in the day or the evening.

Makeup Bag:

For my face makeup I’m just taking my everyday routine that I know I like and works for me. I’m thinking about taking my contour kit that’s almost done and then just leaving it there. I then have three of the collection concealers with the intention of leaving one of them there. 

For eyes I’m taking as little as possible. I’m just taking my normal mascaras and then my favourite eyeliner. I’m taking the Collection palette just because it’s so versatile and can create light or dark looks; again I’m thinking of taking my old one just to use it up.  

I’m just taking two lip combinations, one for my darker outfits and one for my lighter outfits. Both lipliners stay on so well and then the MAC lipstick is one of my favourites and I love it and the Seventeen on gives such a nice nude sheen. I am thinking of taking my Rimmel Kate Moss nude instead just because it lasts a little bit longer. 

Prom 2016

My prom was on the 1st July, we had it at the town’s rugby ground and, honestly, it was one of the best nights of my life. I had such a lovely time seeing everyone for the first time since exams, everyone looked beautiful and it was just a really lovely evening. 

I thought I’d do a little ‘prom look’ type post today and I’m so sorry I forgot to take photos of my hair!


My dress was from “Quiz” it was navy blue with the silver detailing and came just below my knees. I decided to go for a shorter one as it was just easier to move in and I felt more comfortable. It had a petal shaped opening at the back and came quite high up at the front. It was elasticated at the back which made it fit so much better than the other ones I tried on. 

I got my shoes in “Dorothy Perkins” and they matched the silver detailing on my dress so, so nicely. They were actually surprisingly comfortable and easy to walk in although I did have to go the size down. Also, I have narrow feet so usually everything just falls off but these fitted me so well. 

My bag was also from “Dorothy Perkins” and it held everything I needed it to. The strap to hold it was quite small but that didn’t really matter because I left it on the table all night. The silver matched my dress and my shoes so it didn’t look odd in the photos. 

Nails and Perfume:

I got my nails done, they were still mine just shaped and the painted with the colours of my dress. They’ve chipped a little bit now but lasted for prom which was all I was worried about. 

On my toes I used “Perfectly Flesh” by Avon and then their matte top coat over the top. I decided just to go for a nude as my shoes were quite bright and, honestly, I didn’t really want people looking at my toes. 

For my perfume I wore the River Island one I spoke about here, it lasted all night and is my favourite scent at the moment. I then took my “Travalo” in my bag so I could top up my perfume if needed. 


Most of this is in my everyday makeup but I thought I’d write about some of the things I did differently. 

For primer I used the Rimmel “lasting finish”, I never really use this but it’s honestly so good. My makeup didn’t move all night and it wasn’t slippy on my skin, it gave a really nice base. Over my makeup I used the Avon setting spray as I always do. 

For highlight I used Benefit “high beam” and patted that in gently with my finger. Over the top I used the “Pink Lights” highlighter which I’ve spoken about so many times. 

On my eyes I used so many products. It ended up being a blue/grey smokey eye with silver glitter in the inner corners. The blue’s are from NYC and I wasn’t expecting much for £2 but they were so good. I used the darkest one on my outer half then the middle one towards the middle to blend. I then used a darker colour on the very outer corner and blended the grey from Kiko into my outer crease. I then used a lighter brown to blend everything out. I stuck the glitter in my inner corners with some vaseline. I then used the black pencil in my water line and lash line. I used tape to make sure I got a cat eye kind of look. 

For my lips I wore my lipliner from Primark with MAC “Modesty” over the top, this was quite neutral which is what I wanted as the eyes were so heavy. 

Final Look:

If you want to see more photos with my friends and just of the evening in general then there’s some on my Instagram (@ifyouseejaz) and my Twitter (@keepwalking_t) 

June Favourites 


Finishing my exams has been such a blessing as it has meant I have time to read again. “The Collector” is on my reading list for Enlgish Literature but as soon as the opening paragraph was read to me I wanted to read it. This book is gripping and intruiging whilst making you question certain things. I am gripped by the writing style John Fowles chose and I can’t wait to finish this book and unravel the plot further. 


Confessions of a Shopaholic was one of the films I watched this month and I enjoyed it so, so much. It was such an easy watch and perfect for a movie night in with friends. There’s comedy and more serious parts. The film basically follows a young woman who’s come into debt due to her shopping habit and her journey to reach the job she’s always dreamt of. It’s light hearted but also teaches you about priorities and taking and appreciating all your chances. 

I watched Fantastic Four (2015) with my Dad and Step-Mum one evening and I honestly loved it. We watched the one where they four gain their powers and how it happened. I honestly loved this and was gripped the whole way through; I’m definitely going to be watching the others at some point.  

TV Shows:

New Blood is a show I was unsure I would enjoy but I gave it a go anyway. I am so glad I did because I love this show, it keeps me intrigued and gripped. The writing is phenomenal and the storylines are intwined so cleverly and it just works. Mark Strepan is phenomenal and I’m so glad I’ve discovered his talent through this show. I am a bit behind because of exams (yawn) but am catching up so quickly – this show is so gripping. If you haven’t watched this then I definitely recommend catching up on BBC iPlayer asap. 

Holby City has always been a show I’ve watched at but when Rosie Marcel went on maternity leave I stopped watching. Since she’s returned I’ve been so busy with exams and only this month have I been able to get back into the show. The death of Arthur was my favourite episode this month it moved me so, so much and was beautifully written and acted by everyone. The episodes recently have been so engaging and enjoyable and I’ve been really enjoying the show again. 

I watch Eastenders religiously; I always catch up on the school bus and have been loving it this month especially. We’ve seen Bobby finally be sent down and the acting in that storyline recently has been amazing. Also, the storyline line regarding Andy and Ronnie has been gripping and I’ve really enjoyed watching it become more sinister and engaging throughout the month; Samantha Womack is one of my favourite actresses and I’ve loved seeing her in the show more again. 

It’d be wrong for me not to include Coronation Street in my favourites this month. Admittedly I’ve not been enjoying this show anywhere as much as I used to but the Sarah storyline has been phenomenal this month. Tina’s acting has been beyond incredible in recent scenes, seeing Sarah progressively become more distressed has been gripping and the episodes definitely worth the watch. 


On Spotify I usually stick to the same few albums or the same few artists but this month I discovered a new playlist that I’ve been constantly listening to. It’s an acoustic playlist full of beautiful songs and amazing voices. Some of my favourite songs are on this playlist and I honestly love it. If you want to listen you can do here.

If you haven’t yet watched Adele at Glastonbury then you should definitely take an hour and a half to do so – it is the best live performance I have watched in ages. Adele’s stage presence makes her so amazing to watch, her engagement with the crowd and her light hearted nature. Adele’s voice gives me goosebumps, she makes it look effortless and her shows are always incredible to watch. I think what made this performance so special was Adele’s humbleness and her joy and gratefulness when performing. It’s available on BBC iPlayer if you are yet to watch this performance.   


Kiko is a brand I fell in love with last year when I discovered it in Ibiza but it was always so hard to find in the UK. I was beyond happy when a Kiko store opened in a shopping centre near me. I purchased the eyeshadow in 176; the price is so good for a product of this quality. The pigmentation is amazing and it blends so nicely with other shadows. 

I purchased my favourite perfume in Ibiza last year and finished the bottle quickly; the shipping for the perfume is just as much as the actual perfume so I never ordered a new one. I was in River Island the other day and found that one of their perfumes smells identical to the one I got in Ibiza; I was so happy to find it and have been loving it so, so much since I got it. You get 75ml and it’s honestly such a good price at £12 when the scent honestly lasts all day on my wrists.

I purchased this coat for my dress up day at school but ended up falling in love with it. I love the colour agains black or white and it is so light weight which is perfect for the summer. I also love that it folds away which is going to be perfect for travelling plus it is waterproof. I have been wearing this so much and really love it – it was from Primark and was suh a good price for a coat.  

Katniss Everdeen – get the look

For my last day at secondary school we all got to dress up as anything we want, I decided to dress up as Katniss from The Hunger Games. I thought I’d share with you how I got the look.


I wore my black skinny jeans from New Look with a black vest top from Primark. I then wore a green light-weight coat with my black converse. 


I wore the Mockingjay pin on my coat, then wore the glove that is worn when using a bow and arrow. To finish it off I had a bow. All of this was ordered from Amazon.  

I could only get a good picture of the pin but you can see the glove and bow in the above picture.


My friend kindly did my hair in a plait that went down one side; my hair is dark so it doesn’t show on camera but it was a braid across the back of my head and then down one side. 

For my nails I wore a Barry M colour and a Champneys clear top coat which added and extra shine. Obviously Katniss wouldn’t wear a nail varnish but my nails are so ruined from painiting them all the time I needed to cover it up!

For my make-up I wore basically what I wear most days just with a few changes. 

Katniss’ cheekbones are always so defined so I used the Miss Sporty bronzer to contour underneath my usual bronzer. 

For my eyes, I used brown in the crease and outer part of my lid and then used a dark green like colour on the lid. The brown was out of my Collection palette and the green from my Creative Colours palette. I then lined my waterline with a black Collection liner and a liquid eyeliner from Lumiere on my lash line.


I’m so sorry this post is short and not my best but I do have another planned for this weekend!

Thank you for reading and please leave any blog suggestions in the comments!

Everyday Makeup

I wouldn’t say I wear this makeup every single day but this is what I wear when I wear a full face of makeup. 

For primer I use the Nivea Hydrating Primer and then spray the Avon setting spray on top of this. I find this moisturises my skin and acts as a good base for my makeup. 

  For my foundation I always use the Body Shop lightening drops, these not only lighten the foundation but it gives a healthy look to the skin. 

I then either use the Max Factor 3in1 Face Finity foundation. Personally, I wouldn’t say this is 3in1 but it is a really good foundation that gives good coverage and lasts all day. Or I use the L’Oreal Infallibe 24hr. I really like this and it gives such a nice finish but it tends to cling to dry areas of my skin so I don’t use it when my face is quite dry. 

I use Boi-ing by Benefit under my foundation on any bad areas of my skin. This just creates a more even base for my foundation, it is so easy to blend and really high coverage.

Over my foundation and under my eyes I use Collection Lasting Perfection. I use this on my chin, around my nose, under my eyes then anywhere else that needs it. It lasts all day and is so easy to blend. I buy this over and over again – it is so good!

For my powder I usually use Rimmel Stay Matte; this sets my make up for the day and I usually only reapply once. 

More recently I have been liking the Collection Pressed Powder, this does a really good job and sets my make up in place. 

For my contour I use the Collection Contour Kit. This is easy to blend and is not orange at all. This looks nice and natrual look and I will buy this again.

For my highlight I use the Makeup Revolution in Pink Lights and I wrote about this here. On top of this I use the highlight from the palette; this is so good and gives a really nice glow.

I change my eye colour the most out of all my make up. I always use the Avon eye primer; it gives a smooth and even base and keeps my eye colour on all day.

I really like the Collection Eyes Uncovered palette (I think mine’s the original one). The shadows are so pigmented and blend really easily; they’re all neutrals which I love. Another neutral colour I love is MAC Tempting which I talk about here.

I really like gold eyeshadows as well. I usually use Kiko Colour Sphere in 04 this has loads of glitter in and looks really nice under the eye or in the outer corner. I also really like the MUA eyeshadow in Copper, this is so pigmented and is really nice on the outer corners. 

My eyebrows are natrually dark so I just brush them through and then use the Tecnic clear mascara to set them in place.
I use the clear mascara again to lengthen my lashes before curling them. This mascara was only 99p and it is honestly so good. 

After curling my lashes I use the Revlon mascara – I have the AllInOne version and it adds length and volume. On top of this I use the Maybelline Lash Sensational. This adds extra volume and curls my lashes even more. These three work so well together and I love them all.

For lipliner I usually switch between these two from Primark depending on the lipstick I am wearing. 

One is thicker and is a lighter colour, it does not dry your lips and is so easy to apply.

The pencil is darker and again does not dry the lips and is really nice under darker lip colours.

On the left is Modesty by MAC – I love the finish to this, it’s so creamy but stays on the lips for ages. It’s a light brown/nude colour that I love.

If I don’t wear that I wear Velvet Teddy by MAC (right) – this is a matte colour but is not drying and it stays on all day. This is a darker brown and I honestly love it.
I then set my makeup with the Avon setting spray to ensure it lasts all day.
(Please feel free to leave any blog suggestions in the comments or on Twitter.)

May Favourites 

I wanted to start a monthly favourites to keep something constant on this blog; usually this will be posted on the 1st of every month and will be a round up of everything I have been loving. 


This month I’ve seen ‘Bad Neighbours 2’ and ‘X-Men Apocalypse’ at the cinema and I also watched ‘The Bad Education Movie.’ 

Both “Bad Neighbours 2′ and ‘The Bad Education Movie” were lighthearted, easy to watch and funny (Jack Whitehall was particularly funny). Neither storylines where complex but due to the lighthearted nature and well written comedy I thoroughly enjoyed both of these films. 

My Dad dragged me to watch the new ‘X-Men’ and I was not sure at first – it is not a film I would pick to see. However, this has to be one of the best films I have seen this year; it was full of action, there was humorous parts and I was gripped till the very end. Jennifer Lawrence is one of my favourite actresses and she was incredible in this film, both Rose Byrne and Michael Fassbender also stood out against the others. I would honestly recommend this film even if you have not seen any of the others (like me) as it was amazing from beginning to end. 


In May Marcella concluded and I was so gripped to this show, it was hard to understand in places but I found myself gripped and desperate to learn the truth. It is the first show I have watched with Anna Friel and she was phenomenal in every episode. 

I watch Britain’s Got Talent every year and loved it this year as much as usual. I love the judging panel, they all bring something to the show and the bond between them is great to watch. There were so many great acts this year and it was so hard to call, I loved numerous acts with 100 Voices of Gospel, Richard Jones, Beau Dermott and Shannon and Peter being my favourites. I was so glad a magician finally won and I wish Richard every success in the future.

The second series of “In The Club” started recently and I have not watched the first series but watched a summary that was put online. I am really enjoying the series and find all the characters realistic and the storylines important yet great to watch. 


I was lucky enough to see Chicago the musical in May and really enjoyed it. I have been loving the soundtrack for the musical recently and find myself constantly listening to it. 

I have also been listening to Coldplay a lot this month and I really enjoyed listening to Zyrah Rose on Britain’s Got Talent and really hope they do more in the future. 


There has not been many new beauty things I have loved this month, exam revision has occupied time where I would usually shop. 

Revlon – Uniq One
This product has honestly saved my hair, I have been using it for just over a week and have really seen a difference. I use 8 pumps on each side of my hair when it is wet and it makes it so soft, easier to brush and my hair looks so much nicer. It is also a heat protectant meaning I no longer need to use a separate product to protect my hair before blow drying. I got this from my hairdressers so I am unsure if it is avaiable in stores but I would definitely buy it if you can find it.  

MakeUp Revolution highlighter in Pink Lights
I have had this highlighter for a few months
but never got chance to use it during the winter. Recently I have been using it under my normal highlighter and it gives an extra glow and healthy shine that is perfect for this time of year. I have only got the small side (from my friend’s advent calender) but I will definitely buy the full size in the future. 

MAC eyeshadow in Tempting

This eyeshadow has quickly become one of my favourites, I have had it for a while but never really used it. During May I wore it most days and it looks so nice in the outer parts of the eye and lasts all day. The pigmentation of this is incredible and it is so easy to blend. 

That is all my favourites for May. When I go back to school I will be posting less due to exams and revision. Thank you for reading!

Get To Know Me

Firstly, thank you for all your lovely comments on Twitter about my previous post, I’m so glad you enjoyed it. Secondly, I never know how to describe myself but I thought I would have a go.

I was born on Christmas Day making me a Capricorn; I believe in the star signs so much and it often scares me how accurate mine are.

I am still at school and in the middle of my GCSEs at this current moment; I take eleven subjects my options being: Sociology, ICT, Drama and Music. 

I love going to the cinema to watch films and I do it on a regular basis. Some of my favourites are: The Divergent Series, The Hunger Games Series, Harry Potter, Avengers, anything Disney, Theory of Everything, James Bond and so many more. I love the atmosphere of the cinema, the big screen and of course the popcorn!

Writing is also something I have a passion for, I regularly write fanfictions regarding Carla Connor (see my previous post) and you can find the link on my Twitter or by searching carla-connor-corrie on Writing is a passion of mine and I love the way you can escape into the words and the stories for a short while. I also enjoy reading fanfics and would be happy to do a seperate blog post on my favourites.

Reading is something else I enjoy, unfortunately I struggle to find time to read at the moment due to my exams but I am looking forward to reading more in the summer. My favourite books include: Now Is Good, Harry Potter, all 3 Hunger Games, all 3 of the Divergent triology, My Sister Lives On The Mantlepiece and so many more. 

TV shows are probably my biggest passion, I love being involved in storylines and the characters. Crime dramas are probably my favourite, Scott&Bailey is my favourite and I was gutted when it ended this year. I also love Marcella, Black Work, Broadchurch and DCI Banks. In terms of soaps I watch Coronation Street and Eastenders on a regular basis and I find myself attached to some of the characters. I also watch Casualty every week and I always look forward to it on a Saturday evening. Dr Foster was probably one of the best shows I have ever watched and I am delighted it will be returing for a second series, Suranne Jones is beyond incredible and I can not wait for the second series. The A Word and In The Club have also been shows I have watched recently and really enjoyed; I was thrilled to learn The A Word has been comissioned for a second series. 

Make-up and beauty is something else that I love, I watch many youtubers and love experimenting with new products. I have so much make-up (some would say too much) and am a regular customer in Lush.  

In terms of music I listen to Adele on a daily basis, her voice is incredible. I also like Jessie J, Paloma Faith, Sam Bailey and some more. Musical theatre is a passion of mine, I was part of a company for six years. My favourite musicals are Chicago, Oliver, Wicked and Sweeney Todd.

I think that is everything about me, I would be happy to do seperate blog posts on anything mentioned in this post so please leave comments telling me what you would like to read!

You can follow my socia medias:

Twitter @keepwalking_t

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My next post will be my opinion on Carla Connor’s exit so keep a look out for that!