January Favourites 2017

This cleanser is so, so good! It is so quick and easy (perfect for my because I’m always so tired). It smells really good and makes my skin feel so nice. 

This is the Spectrum A01 and I am in love. It is so, so soft and applies my powder so well. 

This NYX lipstick in London was pretty much the only lip colour I wore in January. It feels so nice on the lips and goes with any eye makeup. 

I put off buying this for so, so long but I finally did it. The colour of this is perfect, it blends so easily and I’ve just been loving it. 

These highlighters are from Makeup Obsession and are in the shades bare and moon. The pigmentation of these is insane and they last all day. For £3 they’re incredible. 

This is Kiko smart shadow in number 2 (or 4 whoops). I use it as an inner corner highlight everyday and I am in love. It looks stunning on the eyes and lasts all day. 

(also been loving these but blog posts coming soon on all of them!)