Current Go To Makeup

I’ve been wearing this makeup all the time recently; if you want to see the finished look in full then go and check out my post recent Instagram post (@ifyouseejaz)
First I prime my face using this spray, I like this just because it’s so quick and easy. 

I then apply my foundation. I use the Super Stay 24 mixed with lightening drops. I love this so much, it’s so easy to blend. 

I then conceal any redness, blemishes. I feel like Lasting Perfection will always be my favourite. 

To bake I use the loose powder and then the pressed version for the rest of my face. I love this powder and would 100% recommend.

I use these all the time so I won’t go on. They’re amazing, everyone makeup lover needs them. 

To prime my eyes I always use the Avon eye primer, I’ve never used any others so I have nothing to compare it to but I love this one. 

I’ve been loving my NYX warm neutrals palette. I tried to number the shadows but it kind of failed. 

1 – I pack this colour into my inner corner and slightly in my crease. 

2 – I mix these two and blend them all over my lid. 

3 – I use this in the centre of my eyelid. 

4 – I then blend this into the outer corner and sligtly under my eye. 

5 – I then use this in my inner corner. 

This eyeliner is from Collection but all the name has rubbed off. It’s such a nice balck and applies well to the waterline. 

I love mascara a lot. I use a clear one, a brown one and then two black ones. Clear is Collection, brown is Avon, blacks are Maybelline and Avon.

I then have been loving this browny lip liner from Primark paired with the Rimmel Kate Moss nude in 42. 
As I said check out my Instagram for the finished look (@ifyouseejaz) and comment your favourite concealers  


Social Media Made Me Buy It!

I’ve purchased so many things due to seeing them in videos, photos etc so I thought I’d share them with you and tell you if I think they’re worth the hype. 

Sleek Matte Me “birthday suit”
Worth The Hype? yes/no
Why? I love this colour so much and the application is so easy. However, it is slightly drying and can begin to look patchy throughout the day. 

MAC “velvet teddy”
Worth The Hype? yes
Why? The colour of this is so, so nice and it applies so well. It stays on pretty much all day and I don’t find it drying at all. 

NYX Soft Matte Lip Creams

Worth The Hype? yes
Why? These are beyond amazing; the formula, colour just everything. They’re so creamy you don’t even know it’s matte and they stay on for so long. 

Benefit “highbeam”

Worth The Hype? no
Why? I do really like the colour of this but it’s just so hard to blend out and I just really don’t like the way if feels. 

Baby Lips
Worth The Hype? yes
Why? I love these so much. The formulation is good and I love how they feel on the lips. I love all the coloured ones as something sheer to wear. 

Maybelline “lash sensational”
Worth The Hype? yes/no
Why? When I first started using this I thought it was the best mascara ever; I love the wand and the formula. It does make your lashes look really good. But now, I don’t find myself using it as much as there are better ones out there and I always pair this with another mascara now. 

Collection “lasting perfection”
Worth The Hype? yes
Why? I love this, it covers everything I want it to and blends so nicely and it’s so affordable. 

Sleek Highlighting Palette 
Worth The Hype? yes
Why? This is beautiful. The highlights are so pigmented and it just looks so nice on the skin. They last basically all day. 

Benefit “hoola”
Worth The Hype? yes
Why? I got this the other week and I’m already in love. The colour is perfect and it blends so easily. Such a natural look.  

Real Techniques Sponge
Worth The Hype? yes
Why? This makes my foundation look so much better and more natural. It blends products really easily. 

Morphe “35k”
Worth The Hype? yes
Why? All the shades are wearable, they blend so well and are so pigmented. I love this palette so much. 

Morning Routine 2017

I have been planning this post for ages but the morning is always such a rush to be honest but, I finally did it so here you go!

First of all I go and fill my water bottle up and take my vitamins just because I’d forget otherwise. 

I then get some breakfast (literally never but oh well) and I actually really like these it’s like a toasted fruit bread thing. Honestly, I’m really not a breakfast fan but I do want to start trying to eat it atleast twice a week. 

Then I go back upstairs and pick out the skincare bits I’m going to use (updated skincare coming soon) and then use them. I don’t do a lot of skincare in the morning because I never really have time.
Then I get dressed. I was literally only going to my driving lesson and my Dad’s on this day so I just chucked an oversized jumper and jeans on. 

Usually finished my food by now so I go and brush my teeth. 

Then I do my hair and my makeup for the day. Comment if you do hair or makeup first because it caused quite the debate in our friendship group. 

I then pick a perfume to wear and just put on my watch and two rings. 

Before I leave my room I like to spray it so it smells nice later on in the day. 

I then go downstairs and make a cup of tea in a mug or travelflask dependent on if I have school and just get on with my day. 
I hope you enjoyed! Don’t forget to comment whether you do your hair or makeup first! Also follow me on Instagram (@ifyouseejaz) because I’m starting to use it more!

2016 Beauty Favourites 

Bit of admin first (sorry) I have updated my pages with my contact and blog information so feel free to check that out if you are wishing to contact/interact with me. 

These are a few of my beauty favourites from throughout 2016 -comment your top 3 as I’d love to try them!

This is the pink MUA highlighter (not sure on the exact shade) I really didn’t like this at first but once you’ve got over the top layer it’s so good. It’s not too intense but adds a lovely glow and for £3 it’s a bargain. 

Will never, ever use another powder again. This is incredibly and so affordable. It adds a light bit of coverage and just keeps your makeup so matte. I just love this powder and I think it looks so good on your skin. 

This foundation gives just the right amount of coverage and sits so nicely on the skin. I really like the look of this and it’s just a lovely foundation. 

I got this purely because everyone was hyping about it and then I too fell in love with it. I prefer the waterprof version personally and it doesn’t budge. It makes your lashes lift and just look so nice. 
MAC Velvet Teddy was the only lipstick I wore for about 3 months straight. It’s such a lovely colour and doesn’t dry out your lips at all. I love this so much andwill definitely repurchase when it runs out. 

This Kate Moss nude in 42 is the perfect nude. It sits so nicely on the skin and is just a lovely everyday colour. 
As you cane see I really love the eyes uncovered palette from Collection. I use all the colours and they’re all beautiful. They blend so, so nicely and stay on all day. 

I hope you enjoyed this post, don’t forget to comment your top 3 favourites of 2016! 

Eye Makeup – New Year’s Eve

NYE is tomorrow so I thought I’d create an eye look that would be simple to do tomorrow night.

Would just like to say that the only makeup experience I have is on myself and I know this isn’t perfect. 

I began the look by using the eye primer from Avon – any primer will do just to ensure the eyeshadow stays on all evening. 

I used the NYX warm neutrals palette for this look – you can get these in some Boots stores or on 

First of all I used this light brown colour to use as a transition shade. I juat blended it into my crease and slightly above and below it. 

Then I used this burgundy shade on the outer half of my eye, I just put this all over then blended it out slightly. 

Then on the very outer corner of my eye I used this shimmery burgundy shade. I just packed this onto the very outer corner then blended it slightly. 


In the midde of my eye I used this shimmery champagne colour, I just packed this closely to the middle of my eye near my lash line. 

Then in my inner corner I used this shimmery white/cream shade to brighten up my eyes. 

As it’s NYE you might want to add something extra. I added a tiny bit of this Barry M glitter dust to my inner corners. 

I then went back in with the shimmery burgundy under neath my eyes and blended it out. 

Then did my usual mascara routine on my lashes and concealed any fallout from the eyeshadow. 

I hope everyone has an incredibly NYE!  

What I Got For My Birthday 2016!

I am not trying to brag at all with this post, they’re some of my favourites and I thought I’d do one. 

I got driving lessons from the vast majority of people; I am so excited to start learning to drive and am so grateful to everyone who got me lessons. 

I cried, a lot. I am so grateful for this and was not expecting it at all. I will be looking forward to this all year!

I asked Rosie for a new powder brush and she, very unexpectedly, got me this beautiful set from Spectrum. I see these all over Instagram and they’re beautiful and so, so soft. I can’t wait to start using them.

Emma got me this beautiful palette from NYX, I used it today and the shadows are so pigmented and easy to blend. I love it. 

Beth got me a  MAC lipstick in Brave which is such a beautiful shade. She also got me a palette that she chose the colours for and I love it. 

Ash got me this palette and I’m so, so excited to try this. 

Immie got me some mints and Dr Pepper (she knows). She then got me these post its that I can put in the front of a folder and these lovely notepads. 

My brother knows the bathroom always smells of this around Christmas (he loves it really) so he got me a bottle of Snow Fairy.

Lucy got me the most beautiful rings from Topshop along with some lovely socks. 

Gemma got me a box of Maltesers because we always eat them at work and this lovely body set. 

Katie got me a gift voucher and this mug. It says “you’ll always be my bestfriend” on the other side and I love it. 

My Mum’s bestfriend got me some pencils with rubbers (long story) and this beautiful liquid lipstick. 

Irene got me some Maltesers (seems like people at work know Gemma and I’s secret) and this mirror which is going to be perfect for travelling. 

Some New Things 

These are just a few items I’ve purchased in the past month or so that I thought I’d share with you all. 

This is like a balm cleanser type thing from The Body Shop and I’m in love. You barley need any and it just makes your make up glide off and is so gentle on the skin. £10. 
After loosing my favourite highlighter I decided to get this palette (Sleek Solstice) and it’s beautiful. I use every shade and they’re so pigmented and photograph really well. £9.99. 

I get really bad under eye circles and finally decided to buy something to help them. This is is so cooling and I’d definitely recommend. £4.99 (on offer at £2.45 currently at Superdrug).

I really wanted a lighter liquid lipstick so I got this one in Tranquility from MUA and I’m in love. It applies so nicely and the shade is just incredible. It’s not drying at all and I love it. £3.

I lost my clear mascara so replaced it with this one from Collection and I have been loving using it both on my eyebrows and my lashes. £1.99.

Again, I lost two makeup brushes so got the Makeup Revolution ones to replaces them; I got the face contour and eye contour ones. They’re so soft and and I’m really enjoying them. Face – £3.49 Eye – £1.99. 

Thank you for reading – my next post will be October Favourites but after that do you want to see a lipstick collection or a morning routine? Let me know in the comments or on my Twitter poll (@KeepWalking_T)

Ride or Die : Tag

I saw this tag the other day and thought it would be something fun to do. You have to name one makeup product from each makeup category which you’d take with you if you were on a stranded island. I nominate anyone who loves makeup and has their ride or die products in their collection.


I don’t use this as much as I used to but it’s still by far my favourite primer. It’s the Nivea Express Hydration and it’s so good. It’s acts as a moisturiser as well and gives your skin such a good base for makeup.

I love this one from L’Oreal; it blends so nicely into the skin and looks really natural. The colour of this is really good and it doesn’t feel heavy on the skin.

I will always stick with the Collection one, it is by far my favourite. It blends so well and the coverage is amazing. I use it every day without fail and can’t see myself switching anytime soon.


The Stay Matte powder is a staple for me, I really love it. It gives a really matte finish and does set your makeup in place for the rest of the day.


I love, love the contour powder in the Collection contour and highlight palette. It is such a good colour that doesn’t look muddy or orange. It blends so easily into the skin and just looks really nice.


This is from Makeup Revolution (I think it’s called Pink Lights) I talk about this a lot and it’s definitely my favourite. It can have high pigmentation or not a lot, it’s just such a versatile highlighter and I would recommend it to anyone.


I’d definitely have this palette because it has everything you need. You can create so many looks with it and the shadows are pigmented and easy to blend.


A few weeks ago I wouldn’t have said this one but I’ve been loving it recently and now wouldn’t be without it. This Revlon one just gives such good volume and length to the lashes. The range has loads of different mascaras for different purposes and I really love it.


This was such a hard choice but in the end I went for Brave by MAC. This goes with so many looks and is so easy to wear. I love the texture of this and the colour is one of my favourites.

Summer Makeup Look

As the weather has improved I’ve not been wanting really heavy makeup on my face because it annoys me and all ends up melting off. I’ve been wearing this makeup for about a week now and thought I’d share it with you.

Instead of a foundation I’ve been wearing the Collection Lasting Perfection concealer – this is quite high coverage but is very light so is good. I use this just on any problem areas, around my nose and then under my eyes.

For powder I’ve been loving the Collection one, this is so cheap and does the job so well. It sets the concealer in place and gives a matte finish. In the hot weather I tend to get oilier throughout the day but this powder is so easy to touch up with and works so well.

For highlight I’ve been using Benefit’s High-beam because it’s a liquid product which is going to stay on better in the warmer weather. This has a really nice pink toned glow which I love and it stays on all day.
I haven’t been contouring recently just because I’ve been keeping my makeup as natural and simple as possible. I’ve been using this Bourjois bronzer to bronze my face and put more colour into it. It has a slight shimmer which I really love in the summer and is so easy to blend.

I’ve been priming my eyes with the Avon eye primer as usual then using a Sunkissed eyeshadow all over my lid; I love this shadow so much, it’s so pigmented and really nice to apply. I think you can get Sunkissed in place like poundland, body care or home bargains and it’s such good value for an amazing product. I got the nude rose palette from Collection as soon as it came out a few months ago and haven’t managed to get any use out of it till now. I’ve been using the more gold coloured one through my crease and then the darker one on the outer corner of my eye; these shadows are really glittery which I like for summer and blend really easily. I then use the lightest champagne type colour in my inner corners to brighten them.

For my eyebrows I’m still using my clear mascara as always. For my eyelashes I’ve been using my clear mascara and then curling them. Instead of a black mascara I’ve been using the Avon Spectra Lash in black/brown; this is such a good mascara and gives a really natural look and lengthens lashes.

For lips I’ve been trying to stay clear of lipsticks because I find them really heavy on my lips in the summer. I’ve been really liking the pink Baby Lips as it’s really summery and light. I’ve also really been liking the Seventeen Lip Lustre’s; I got all the minis of these for Christmas and haven’t really used them. I really like the more nude/pink ones and the gloss is actually really light but still quite pigmented.

The Power Of Makeup

I’ve seen lots of people on YouTube do this video over the past couple of months and I’ve really enjoyed watching them; it got me thinking about the difference makeup makes to the way I look so I tried it out. The difference was incredible and although it wasn’t as big of a difference than some people I was still surprised and till I tried this I never realised the massive difference makeup makes to my appearance. This then got me thinking about why I wear makeup and why I want to use its power.

Primarily I wear makeup for myself and to make myself feel better which is a habit I’m desperate to grow out of; I started wearing it to cover things about my face I’m uncomfortable with for my own benefit not anybody else’s. As I’ve grown up I’ve learnt that everyone gets the odd spot now and again or the odd patch of redness or dry skin but I still make the choice to wear makeup.

I think makeup has the power to accentuate areas of your face you like and want to be seen; I enjoy contouring because my Mum was kind enough to pass on her half decent cheek bones and contouring brings them out. I also often line my waterline because it brings out the colour of my eyes more. Makeup has the power to make your features stand out.

But it also has the power to hide things you might not be so comfortable with; I’m all for embracing your imperfections and being proud of the person you are but then again I don’t feel there’s anything wrong with wanting to hide the bags form lack of sleep or the odd spot that has chosen to make an appearance. I know I use a heavier concealer on my chin because of the scars left from spots that I want to hide to achieve an even skin tone. I also use three mascaras and curl my eyelashes as they’re naturally so short. I love that makeup can have the power to take things you’re not so happy with and make them better.

I strongly believe in embracing your imperfections and learning to love them and I really think this is so important. You don’t need to cover the spot on your chin or the bags under your eyes but if you choose to and you want to, that is totally okay. Make up has the power to be whatever you want it to be. It is an art, something you can experiment with and have fun with; perhaps something that can relax you or be your thirty minutes of you time a day.

I don’t wear makeup every single day and I feel okay without it; I’m beyond glad I’ve broken out of the habit of not leaving the house without it if I’m only popping next door. For me, makeup gives me confidence, it makes me feel happier about the way I look and the way I’m presenting myself to other people.

I enjoy makeup, I find it fun and I suppose collecting and experimenting with it has become a hobby – applying it in the morning can be something to look forward to or spending time on it when you’re going out somewhere special. I enjoy the vast amounts of shades available and the different formulas lipsticks come in. I think makeup has been something that has enticed me.

Makeup is powerful in so many different ways.