my MUA makeup

I thought instead of doing a whole makeup collection I’d go brand by brand to show you some of my favourite things. 

I thought I’d start with MUA, this was the first brand I ever properly tried and liked. 

I am so obsessed with their lipstick in shade 11 (far left), it’s so creamy and the colour is so, so nice. Shade 2 is the one in the middle and I don’t reach for this unless I go out but I really like it. Finally I have on of their matte lipsticks and I’m not really a fan, the colour is nice but it’s so dry and hard to apply. 

Their blush in “Bon Bon” is really lovely. I don’t wear blush that often but this is one I’ll reach to. It is so pigmented so you only need the tiniest bit. 

I want to try so many of their eyeshadows, they’re only £1 and are amazing. The one in “Copper” on the left is so pigmented and blends so well – it had a nice bit of shimmet to it and I love it. “Fudge” on the right is the shadow I use everyday for the base of my eyeshadow – I love it so much and would definitely get it again. 


Their highlighters are only £3 and I can not describe how good they are – I love them so much. The pigment of them is incredible and I just love the way they look.